Chay-Ara Hol was an ancient Thanagarian who along with her husband Katar arrived on Earth within the deserts of Africa. Once there they utilized their technology to make the desert bloom and allow a populace to thrive. The people they provided for loved them and even despite their protests, worshipped them as gods. From their civilization rose a utopia however there was one thing Chay-Ara also desired, children.

Even after confronting her husband on the matter and being turned down, Chay-Ara then began an affair with the General of their armies Vashari which would later be discovered by the priest Hath-Set. The vengeful priest then reported his findings to Katar who found his story untruthful, however that changed when he saw Chay-Ara and Vashari together.

Wishing them both dead, Hath-Set placed poison in their beverages causing the deaths of both Chay-Ara and her lover. It would also be the same poison that Katar succumbed to while committing suicide.




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