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Chaz Truog (b. December 10, 1959) is a comic book artist.

Personal History

Chaz Truog was born in central Minnesota. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Southwest State University in Marshall Minnesota (1982). He later gained his Associates Degree in Graphic Design at Art Institutes International, Minnesota. He took great inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, having read a book about him as a youth.

Professional History

Some of Chaz's published work includes

  • "Coyote" for Marvel/Epic Comics
  • "Xmen", an "X-Men" parody, Milky Way Publishing
  • "Animal Man" for DC Comics
  • "Jurassic Park" for Topps Comics
  • "Chiaroscuro: The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci" for Vertigo Comics
  • "Spider-Man: Hide, Seek, and Destroy" (with Ken Steacy) for Disney Publishing
  • "Geronimo: The Last Apache Warrior" trade paperback from Moonstone Publishing

Work History

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