Checkmate is an international organization that works alongside other world's governments with their needs while maintaining independence. Though characterized as a "global peace agency", they are still noted for using questionable methods.[1]

OMAC: Omactivate!

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Checkmate is an international organization run by Maxwell Lord that works with all of the world's governments but is answerable to none of them. They are described as a Global Peace Agency, albeit with questionable methods. Sarge Steel is put in charge of the investigation when Cadmus project Brother Eye goes rogue and creates OMAC.[2] They send a team of agents led by Steel after the monster, but he defeats them and escapes.[3] Mokkari also fails to capture OMAC.[4] In desperation, Lord enlists the help of S.H.A.D.E. and their leader Father Time sends his best operative Frankenstein to kill OMAC.[5][6] The conflict becomes personal when Brother Eye attempts to assassinate Lord.[7] In their final battle, Max outsmarts Eye and has him destroyed. They decide to leave OMAC alone, determining that he is no longer a threat.[8]


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