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Checkmate is an international organization that works alongside other world's governments with their needs while maintaining independence.


Though characterized as a "global peace agency", they are still noted for using questionable methods.[1]

OMAC: Omactivate!

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Checkmate is an international organization run by Maxwell Lord that works with all of the world's governments but only answerable to its mysterious founder[2]. They are described as a Global Peace Agency, albeit with questionable methods. Sarge Steel is put in charge of the investigation when Cadmus project Brother Eye goes rogue and creates OMAC.[3] They send a team of agents led by Steel after the monster, but he defeats them and escapes.[4] Mokkari also fails to capture OMAC.[5] In desperation, Lord enlists the help of S.H.A.D.E. and their leader Father Time sends his best operative Frankenstein to kill OMAC.[6][7] The conflict becomes personal when Brother Eye attempts to assassinate Lord.[8] In their final battle, Max outsmarts Eye and has him destroyed. They decide to leave OMAC alone, determining that he is no longer a threat.[9]

Spyral's End

Months later, when Spyral Agent 37 uncovered a conspiracy within Spyral and was on the run, he asked for help from Maxwell Lord, the current head of Checkmate[10]. Keen to remove a rival and consolidate his authority, Lord agreed. They successfully crippled Spyral, however, Lord was caught trying to double-cross Grayson and was stymied.

Leviathan Dawn

At some point, their former agent, Mark Shaw, went rogue and joined the terrorist organization Leviathan. The first step of his plan was to attack the facilities of Checkmate, A.R.G.U.S., D.E.O., and Spyral[11]. The plan was that without its covert intelligence organizations, the world would become more amenable to his plans. However, a roster of intelligence experts and detectives assembled to manage the surviving resources in the fight against Leviathan, operating under the name, Checkmate.[12]



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