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Cheetah was an Amazon byproduct created by Paula von Gunther.

She felt she was unworthy in the eyes of Paula, and believed that her creator doesn't shared the same love she has for her as her perfect clone Diana. When Heaven's Amazons were becoming erratic and violent due to fragmented genes, and Diana's absence in Metropolis, Cheetah led a rebellion and killed Paula, and then placing herself as Heaven's new ruler. But, Cheetah learned that she cannot create more Amazons from using Paula's Purple Ray, as it was coded to Paula's genetic code. She realized that Diana's genetic makeup comes close to making the Purple Ray to work and searched for Diana in Metropolis.

After a brief encounter with the Nosferatu, Cheetah located Diana who was under captive by Dr. Psykho. She was subdued by Psykho's mental powers and interrogated through her mind to learn of humanity and Metropolis's origins, and her reasons she had for Diana. Cheetah was then stricken a deal with Psykho in which she would have Diana and rule Heaven by killing the Super-Man in order for Psykho to rule Metropolis. She agreed and led her Amazons in a battle royale against the Super-Man, who is then assisted by the Nosferatu and the inmates from Metropolis's Asylum. The battle was brought to a stand still in which Diana, freed from Psykho and calling herself Wonder Woman, challenged Cheetah to a duel. Cheetah was defeated, but refused to surrender to Diana by ending her life by impaling herself on several broken rebars.





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