Cheryl Constantine Masters was the sister of John Constantine.

She married Tony Masters and had a daughter, Gemma Masters.

Born in Liverpool in 1946 to Thomas and Mary Constantine, she took over mothering duties after Mary died giving birth to John and Thomas succumbed to alcohol. They lived with Thomas' sister Dolly and later brother Roy. John ran away when he was 17, but Cheryl remained behind.

Cheryl's husband Tony became involved with the Resurrection Crusade. As a result of her parents' dabblings in religion, Cheryl's daughter Gemma tried to run away from home. She wound up being kidnapped by a man who had 'married' and then murdered several young girls. When Gemma went missing, Cheryl called on her brother John Constantine to help find her. with the help of his friend Zed, John tracked down the kidnapper, and brought him to justice.[1]

Some time later, Cheryl and John's father Thomas was found murdered in his home, and she called her brother to inform him. He promised to come as soon as possible.[2] Around the time of the funeral, Cheryl's daughter Gemma was plagued by visions of her dead grandfather, and Cheryl didn't know what to do about it. Fortunately, John's intervention helped to put the spirit to rest. In the meantime, Cheryl's husband Tony had given up being a member of the Resurrection Crusade, and leading the family had fallen to her.[3]

Cheryl was murdered by her husband (who was under the influence of the demon Rosacarnis). Because her husband committed suicide and went to Hell, she chose to stay by his side.[4][5]



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