Chester R. Brophy enlisted to the U.S. Marine Corps on October 10th, 1941 and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in the 23rd Regiment of the 4th Division. Brophy was in Saipan fighting the Japanese, in which he became the only survivor of his unit. He was recruited into Team Zero and given the codename "Claymore". During Team Zero's initiation, Brophy came to the defense of his Japanese-American teammate Samuel Nakadai from the volatile Sgt. Andrzej Taszycki by subduing the latter, telling him that even though he fought the Japanese and had a cause for hating them he is content to know that Nakadai is an American.[1]

Brophy later participated in Operation: Blue Plate where he was separated from his team over Karlshagen during a snow squall and reunited with Taszycki and Marc Slayton after saving them from German soldiers. He and his team succeeded in capturing the German rocket scientists and capturing some Germans as POWs. After learning that Team Zero's extraction was compromised, Brophy and his team were forced to engage against Soviet forces. He was then team up with Taszycki and a group of German volunteers in defending a narrow road leading into the town and destroying Soviet armor. During the firefight, Brophy was seriously wounded by a grenade and made a futile stand against the Soviets to allow the volunteers to escape before being promptly gunned down.[2]


Demolitions Expert

  • Chester Brophy's codename "Claymore" predates to being currently adopted by Clayton H. Maure, a member of Wetworks, who also happens to be a demolitions expert



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