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Chien Na Wei, often known as China White, is the Straw Sandal (Liaison Officer) for Zhishan, the Red Pole (Enforcer) of the Chinese Triad, serving as his bodyguard, emissary, and translator.

She is first seen as an intermediary between Zhishan and Martin Somers, a corrupt businessman involved in the Triad's drug trafficking operation. When Somers is targeted by Green Arrow, White is sent to kill the vigilante and destroy evidence that incriminates Somers. Though she fails, she manages to escape capture.

White is next seen translating for Zhishan during tense negotiations with Starling City Mafia boss Frank Bertinelli. When the Huntress kills Zhishan, White believes Bertinelli responsible and launches an attack on his estate. She is about to kill Bertinelli when Arrow shoots her in the torso. She survives her injuries and is contacted by Moira Queen and Frank Chen, who hire her to kill Malcolm Merlyn. White hires Deadshot to assassinate him at a gala, with herself and her men providing cover. When Arrow arrives in a bid to stop the assassination attempt, he is surprised to see that she is still alive, and still at large, after their last encounter. They fight again, and Arrow is just about to kill or incapacitate White when a fire alarm goes off, giving White a chance to escape.

After an earthquake destroys a sizable portion of the Glades, White hijacks shipments of medical supplies intended for survivors, then sells them on the black market. Anticipating interference from Arrow, she hires Bronze Tiger to provide additional muscle. White notes Arrow's new nonlethal methods, and accuses him of going soft. Nevertheless, Arrow defeats Bronze Tiger and is able to capture White, who is taken into custody by the Starling City police.

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  • Martial Arts: China White is a skilled martial artist, during her first fight with Green Arrow, they seemed fairly evenly matched.
  • Firearms: White is fairly proficient with firearms, favoring automatic pistols.
  • Throwing: She is able to use a knife to hit the driver of a truck while it is moving.



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