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The Children of Cronus are his offspring not associated with the Olympian Gods.


Cronus grew bitter during his imprisonment, he eventually cultivated a cult of believers to fuel his powers. His true goal was to possess all the power of the God Wave on Earth. To do this, he would have to defeat and destroy all the gods on Earth. He began by releasing the remainder of his progeny - those who had not been regurgitated at the time of Zeus - from his belly.

He decided to create a champion in the same way his children had created and empowered Wonder Woman. This was Devastation, a being gifted by all these new Titans. The Titan first heralded the coming Cronus, then Oblivion made an unsuccessful attempt to enslave Wonder Woman within her own Wonderdome and Devastation also proved unsuccessful against Wonder Woman; then Cronus made his move.

He began by defeating the Olympians and casting Zeus down to Earth. He then conquered the Hindu Gods and headed for Heaven. But Wonder Woman freed the gods and united with the Hindu Gods and the Pax Dei. Wonder Woman beat Cronus but he still managed to touch the power of the Presence. In doing so, he gained perfect clarity. Humbled, he gave up his corporeal form and returned to mother Gaea.

This upheaval soon moved Zeus to form an alliance with the other pantheons. Zeus soon appeared to Superman with several allies under the banner of I.D.C.A.P. (Interfaith Deity Council of Active Polytheistics).[1]

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