The children are a series of genetic clones created from the DNA samples of Kaizen Gamorra and his dead brothers, Wai, Sum and their dead mother coupled with traces of superhuman DNA. The clone army is produced from the hundreds to the thousands, all of whom have superhuman abilities retaining to strength, flight, heat vision, energy blasts and incredible durability. These abilities are not on par with superheroes like Apollo or Majestic save for flight speed. They wear black skin tight suits that bear the Gamorra symbol, they also double as teleportation mechanisms that warp them back to Gamorra Island in case they are in trouble. Kaizen released them onto an unsuspecting world with the intent on leveling three major cities in order to etch his Gamorra symbol onto the world, and rectify his rule over it.[1]

The clones began leveling the city of Moscow before moving onto their next objective, London. However, they encountered Jenny Sparks' debut superhero team, The Authority. Despite the considerable damage they had done to London, the clones were repulsed by the Authority and the death toll was limited compared to Moscow. The clones later attacked Los Angeles and again fought the Authority. This time, the clones were entirely annihilated by the Authority. This spelt the end of Kaizen Gamorra's reign of terror when the Midnighter used the Authority's shift-ship, the Carrier to destroy Gamorra Tower, which housed the reserve of Gamorra clones. [2] In the wake of the Authority's attack, Gamorra Island fell into anarchy without Kaizen Gamorra, who apparently died in his tower. Despite the Midnighter's attack, some leftover clones had survived the devastation and remained inert until Kaizen's return during the island's state of civil strife with Cybernary.

Following the World's End, the clones were still in use by Gamorra after his island survived Armageddon. The clones and Gamorra attacked a weakened and stranded Authority in UnLondon in order to strip a scuttled Carrier for its technology and travel through the Bleed.[3] This later came to naught as the Authority managed to defeat Gamorra by unleashing an Incubite-infected Apollo onto Gamorra Tower, where the clones were easily infected with the Warhol Virus, causing absolute chaos.[4]


Equipment: Teleporter suits
Transportation: Flight under own power
Weapons: None known.


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