Chimera was a criminal who mastered the art of disguise.

Wearing make-up and special prosthetics, Chimera adopted multiple appearances, preventing his victims from recognizing him. Chimera worked in circus, where he used to pick-pocket the audience, stealing their wallets and using their identification documents to adopt the victim's appearance and steal from their households. Chimera also used hideous and monstrous make-ups to frighten his victims.

Eventually, Chimera started working at Sloan Circus, where he learned that the millionaire from Gotham City, Bruce Wayne was interested in the young trapeze, Jason Todd. Chimera tried to kidnap Jason to demand high ransom, but his plan were thwarted by Batman and Jason. Afterwards, Chimera was taken by the authorities and his reign of crime ended.


  • Chimera's name is pronounced "ky-mere-uh".
  • The character Chimera bears a striking resemblance to another creation by Doug Moench called Faceless; because of the use of a similar modus operandi.



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