A boy known only as Chimera had the power to bring dreams to life, which resulted in a Dreamwar between the Wildstorm Universe and the DC Universe.

Chimera was gifted with great potential powers. If it weren't for his vanity and lack of discipline, he would have been the next Doctor when Jeroen Thornedike died. Despite not becoming a Doctor though, Chimera can still access some of his powers. He is able to manipulate reality to a limited extent. He couldn't remove things but he can add things from the Athenaeum, a kind of dream library, while asleep.

Believing that the heroes of his world are worse and responsible for his mother's death and his abusive life under his alcoholic father, Chimera summoned figments of heroes of the DC Universe into the Wildstorm Universe where he lives and had them to attack this universe's heroes. However, the DC heroes managed to breakaway from Chimera's manipulations forcing him to bring forth the villains of the DC Universe instead. Eventually this effort didn't work, letting Chimera instead to summon a Sun-Eater to destroy Earth's sun and in the process destroying Earth. Chimera hid himself by using The Atom's technology to shrink himself in his own home. He was found by Midnighter and Raven with help from The Engineer. Chimera was woken up instead of being killed as was insisted by the DC heroes, reverting the damage that he caused in the process and was punished into entering a permanent waking state by Habib Bin Hassan.[1]

Chimera was incarcerated in an institution in Fayetteville, Arkansas. After Armageddon, Chimera was able to sleep again and creating figments in his dream state. While searching for Earth's next Doctor, Jackson King and Ladytron sought after Chimera as they believed he could be a possible candidate. After fighting through his imagination spawn, Jackson woke Chimera and learned from Sir Edwin that he is not the chosen Doctor. King then blasted Chimera's occipital cortex which will keep Chimera from ever imagining anything ever again. Chimera's unconscious body was then carried by King to the Little Rock refugee camp.[2]





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