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Chiroptor was a combination of Batman and Chemo from Dark Multiverse.

Chiroptor was an evil combination of Batman and Chemo from the Dark Multiverse. He was recruited into the Dark Knights by the Batman Who Laughs for his invasion on Earth 0 under a pact with Perpetua and acted as a guard for Castle Bat. Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn and Jonah Hex tried to sneak into Castle Bat through a tunnel built by Swamp Thing while assuming they had been masked by Jarro. Chiroptor and the other Dark Knights however were ready for them and blowed down the tunnel wall as they neared its end. Chiroptor fought Swamp Thing for a while, before Jarro separated the Dark Knights from the heroes by controlling the mind of Castle Bat.[1]



  • His name is a play on that of "Chemo" and "Chiroptera" (the animal order bats belong to).



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