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Quote1.png Papa Decker, I presume. Right. Well, from what I've seen, you've raised an intelligent, capable, and frustratingly stubborn woman. Quote2.png
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In an alternate reality explored by God, actress Chloe Decker never became a detective as her father wasn't killed.

Chloe Decker was an actress famous for the Weaponizer series of action movies, and was in the midst of shooting Weaponizer 5 when her friend, a stuntman named Strider, was found murdered in Lux. The owner of the nightclub, Lucifer Morningstar, was interested in the solving of the murder, as it interfered with his Las Vegas Lux expansion. This put him in the path of Chloe, who was also interested in getting to the bottom of the murder, thinking the police have it wrong. As Strider was about to get his dream job as a NASCAR driver, Chloe heads down to the racetrack to investigate a man named Rex Wilson, who Strider was supposed to replace. Chloe uses the alias "Detective Bonnie Gennaro" (her character from the Weaponizer movies) to gain access to the racetrack. She tried to set-up an interview with Rex, who was out on the racetrack practicing. Lucifer heads out to the racetrack and somehow pulls Rex out of the moving vehicle, but Chloe managed to steal him away from Lucifer. She uses her acting skills to interrogate Rex, but Lucifer interrupted, exposing Chloe as a fake. Lucifer used a mysterious power to get information from Rex, which Chloe finds incredible, wishing to work with Lucifer further; reluctantly, they team-up.

Chloe brings Lucifer to the movie set, where they see actress Erica Dunlap arguing with a stunt coordinator. They believe she committed the murder, as Strider would not testify on her behalf when she was injured on set. Whilst Lucifer "interrogates" Erica in her trailer, Chloe is confronted by her father, who is furious with the fact that Chloe impersonated an officer and told her to stop before it got too dangerous. However, when Lucifer emerges from the trailer with new information that Erica was not actually injured, Chloe and Lucifer continue their partnership. Chloe goes with Lucifer to Ella Lopez's workshop, to investigate the murder weapon further. Ella revealed the weapon is from a prop set belonging to a film that stunt coordinator Ben Rogers worked on. Lucifer and Chloe tracked him down, and Chloe was able to chase his vehicle down thanks to her stunt driving skills. Chloe and Lucifer split-up, and as Lucifer distracts Ben, Chloe nailed him with a club. Chloe was praised by her father, and Chloe thinks about joining the police force, with Lucifer tagging along, much to her surprise.