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Chloe Sullivan was the last survivor of Earth-2.

Chloe attended the Smallville High School and was nearly killed by Clark Luthor but was saved by the kryptonite necklace she has worn. A few years later, Chloe trained together with Oliver Queen shooting arrows. She also had an affair with him, even though he was the boyfriend of her cousin Lois Lane.

After Earth-2 was gone, Chloe fled to the Earth-1 and landed in a cornfield of Smallville. She soon was followed by the one who destroyed Earth-2 and was found by Green Arrow. After a short fight between the both of them, she was shot by her counterpart Chloe Sullivan-Queen but still had the chance to warn them about what happened to Earth-2. A few seconds later she was badly wounded by the one who destroyed Earth-2.

She later died at the Smallville Medical Center because of her injury.

  • There are two significant differences between Chloe from Earth-2 and Chloe from Earth-1. Chloe from Earth-2 has brown hair and blue eyes instead of blond hair and green eyes. However, her eye color was not consistent.
  • Chloe liked to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.[1]



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