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Chris Sprouse (b. July 30, 1966) is a comic book artist.

Personal History

During Sprouse's childhood, his family moved to India, but returned to America and settled in Dale City. Sprouse attended the Gar-Field Senior High School in Dale City and after graduating in 1984, Sprouse attended James Madison University where he studied graphic design.

Professional History

Chris Sprouse is an American comic book artist and professional illustrator. He started working for DC Comics in 1990 on the title Secret Origins and later worked on other titles including Justice League Europe, Legion of Super-Heroes, Who's Who, Justice League Quarterly, Justice League America, War of the Gods, Robin II, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and many more.

Most recently he has been working on titles like Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, The Multiversity Guidebook and he has also been working for Marvel Comics on the title Thors.

Work History

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