Chris Vance (b. December 30, 1971) portrayed Non on the series Supergirl.

Pictured: Chris Vance as Non from the Supergirl episode "Myriad"

Work History

Acting Credits

Supergirl 2015- Non
     "Hostile Takeover" December 14, 2015 Non
     "Blood Bonds" January 4, 2016 Non
     "For the Girl Who Has Everything" February 8, 2016 Non
     "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" February 22, 2016 Non
     "Solitude" February 29, 2016 Non
     "Worlds Finest" March 28, 2016 Non
     "Myriad" April 11, 2016 Non
     "Better Angels" April 18, 2016 Non

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