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A LuthorCorp scientist, Doctor Christina Lamell had a hand in the horrors that Lex Luthor committed in his labs over the years.

Years later, Doctor Lamell was approached by Tess Mercer, who needed her help in preventing the accelerated aging of the Lex Luthor clone, LX-15. Lamell saw this as her chance at redemption. Going over the research of Pete Dinsmore, a cloning pioneer, Doctor Lamell was able to create a serum that would stop the accelerated aging process. However, the serum was destroyed by Tess Mercer, who had decided to let the clone die (as he had started to manifest memories of the real Lex).

Some time later, Doctor Lamell was abducted by Lionel Luthor of Earth-2 and tortured by his men for information about the clone, now known as "Conner".


  • Doctor Christina Lamell was portrayed by Lexa Doig.