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Christine "Chrissy" Beppo is the co-owner and editor of the Smallville Gazette.

Season One

Chrissy was the sole employee of the Gazette and idolised famed reporter Lois Lane. When Lois and her family moved to Smallville, which was her husband’s home town, Chrissy was too nervous to approach her hero directly and simply followed her around town. The two met at a city council meeting where Lois confronted Morgan Edge, an unscrupulous businessman seeking to acquire the defunct mines in Smallville. Later, Lois resigned from the Daily Planet, which had become a mouthpiece for Edge, and joined the Gazette.[1]

When a woman name Sharon Powell came to the Gazette offices to claim that Edge had her son Derek killed, Chrissy was initially sceptical. However, she soon realised that there was a deeper conspiracy at work and joined Lois in investigating Edge and his businesses.[2]

Lois prepared an expose on Edge just before the city council meeting where the townspeople would vote on whether to allow Edge the rights to the mines, but Edge threatened to sue both Lois and the newspaper if they published the article. As the Gazette did not have the resources to survive a long and costly lawsuit, Chrissy was forced to squash the story. The town voted to grant Edge the mining rights, however Chrissy did attend the meeting to act as a sole dissenting vote.[3]

Derek Powell suddenly reappeared, claiming to have suffered a head injury that rendered him amnesiac for months. Although neither Chrissy or Lois believed him, Sharon was so happy to have him back that she told them there was no story to write, despite the fact she had been attacked by a superpowered thug. When Derek mysteriously disappeared again, Chrissy used his mother’s phone to track his. She followed him to a facility where she saw Edge’s assistant Leslie Larr place him in a strange machine. She called Lois and Superman overheard and flew to her location, arriving just as Derek exited the chamber now equipped with a full range of Kryptonian superpowers.[4]

Through an ex-boyfriend who worked in the shipping department at the Shuster mines, Chrissy learned that a shipment was being sent from the mines. She called Lois, who cut her meeting with "Marcus Bridgewater" short to follow the shipment. Lois learned that "Marcus" was also going by the alias "Captain Luthor" and considered the possibility that he may have a connection to Lex Luthor. Chrissy contacted Luthor's biographer and learned that it was impossible for "Marcus" to be a Luthor.[5]

Along with Lois and Clark, Chrissy investigated Edge’s plans and why his mining operations had lingered in Smallville when they had left other towns in a matter of months. Edge tried to place a recruitment ad in the Gazette but Christy rejected it. She looked into any possible links between the known superpowered people working for Edge and discovered that both Leslie Larr and Subjekt-11 were born in Smallville, and that Leslie’s real name was Irma Sayres.[6]

Edge activated his army and attacked Superman, but Superman was able to depower them with the Eradicator.[7] Chrissy was eager to write the story but was stymied by the DoD’s official silence. Lois assured them they could compensate by interviewing the Smallville citizens affected, but Chrissy realised Lois knew more than she was saying and asked her to leave. Lois later came back to the Gazette with what she claimed was an official statement from her father. She claimed that she had been concealing details Sam had told her in confidence and she could not be objective. She asked Chrissy to write the story as she could not.[8]

Over the next three weeks, Chrissy used the Gazette to protest the DoD's continued presence describing them as an occupying force. More and more people left Smallville, which was in an even worse shape after Edge Enercorp was shut down and eventually the Gazette's subscriber base became too small to be economically viable. Despite Lois assuring her they could find new readers Chrissy could see no way out and reluctantly accepted an offer to sell the Gazette to a multinational conglomerate.[9]

Sam Lane warned Chrissy and the Cushings that Edge would be coming back to Smallville and asked them to help evacuate the town. Chrissy put out a special edition of the Gazette warning people to leave but also encouraging them to have faith that the townspeople’s strength would get them through the crisis. In the aftermath, Superman gave an exclusive interview to Chrissy, revealing that Morgan Edge was a Kryptonian.

When Edge was defeated Lois approached her with an offer to buy half of the Gazette so she would not have to sell to the conglomerate, which Chrissy enthusiastically accepted.[10]

Season Two

Over the next three months Chrissy attempted to hire new reporters for the Gazette but could not find anyone who was both affordable and met Lois' standards.[11]

Chrissy received a call from a podcaster who was investigating one of Lois's old stories, in which she accused a self-help group called the Inverse Society of being a cult. One of her sources had recanted their claims and alleged that Lois coerced them into making false statements. Lois insisted that all her sources were legitimate but admitted that one anonymous source was her sister Lucy, who had attempted suicide under the group's influence.[12]

Lucy appeared on the podcast and claimed that Lois was a liar and had a vendetta against Ally Allston, the group's leader. Since Lois' article, the Inverse Society had been forced off legitimate online platforms, but Chrissy was able to find details of a Society meeting being advertised on the dark web. She and Lois went to the meeting in New Carthage, Chrissy infiltrated it using the alias "Penelope Collins" while Lois confronted Lucy. During the meeting Ally revealed she knew who Chrissy was and showed her the feed from a hidden camera filming Lois and Lucy argue, where Lois admitted that she hated Ally and had left out part of Lucy's story that appeared to corroborate the Society's teachings. Chrissy was shocked by this apparent breach in journalistic ethics and they drove home in silence. That night Chrissy called Ally and asked her for "the truth" about Lois.[13]

With her trust in Lois damaged and feeling like Lois did not respect her as an equal, Chrissy met with Ally and asked her to explain the Inverse Society's beliefs, promising to remain objective. Ally told Chrissy that her family knew a secret truth- that there was a mirror dimension where everybody has a shadow self, and the purpose of the Inverse Society was to help people make contact with their other halves. Ally secretly drugged Chrissy and caused her to overdose, and she was clinically dead for several minutes. Chrissy saw the shadow dimension, and saw her counterpart and her father's. She learned that everyone in the shadow dimension feared Ally, who had taken over the world. Shortly after she woke up, Lois arrived with Superman and told Ally that she was in danger. They were attacked by Superman's shadow self but managed to escape. That night Chrissy told Lois what she saw, and agreed that while Ally may not be a liar, she was dangerous and needed to be stopped.[14]

Ally trusted Chrissy enough to bring her along with a select number of her followers to the Shuster Mines, planning to cross through a portal into the inverse world. However, most of the Society members were painfully disintegrated by the portal. Superman arrived to save them, but was only able to rescue Ally, Chrissy and one other person.[15]

A month later Chrissy had a chance encounter with the newly elected Mayor Lang, who believed that Clark Kent had been out of town for a month on an assignment for the Gazette, which Chrissy knew nothing about. When she confronted Lois about this, Lois claimed that Clark had been working on a freelance article in the hopes of getting a job with the Gazette. Before they could discuss it further, Sam Lane arrived and told them that he had tracked the Inverse Society to a lodge in the woods. He planned to go in with Lois to extract Lucy before calling in the troops and Chrissy insisted on coming along. However, when they arrived Sam refused to let her accompany them into the house and made her stay outside as a lookout. While she was waiting Superman flew overhead towards the lodge, so Chrissy got out and chased after him. She saw Ally Allston draining Superman's life force and called the DoD for help.[16]

Chrissy planned to publish a report of what happened, despite Lois' advice not to create panic. Chrissy's computer glitched and suddenly all the text on it was reversed, and they realised that the merge was in progress. They went outside and saw the other world's red, cube-shaped sun appear in the sky. Chrissy set up a meeting with Mayor Lang to tell her what was happening and Lois, despite her father's orders to stop the truth getting out, went with her. They told Lana about Ally and the merging worlds, and that Superman could not help them. They told Lana that it was up to her to decide if she would reveal the truth to the townspeople or keep it secret to avoid panic.

Lana held a town hall meeting and told the people of Smallville everything. Superman even made a personal appearance and confirmed that he had lost his powers. Lana told everyone to go home and be with their families, but Chrissy returned to the Gazette. As the worlds merged, it changed into its counterpart from the inverse world.[17] Chrissy put a video on the internet warning the world of what was coming and that Superman could not save them. However, Superman was able to regain his powers and save the world.

At a celebration afterwards, Lois confessed to Chrissy that Clark was Superman, telling her she was tired of lying to her.[18]


  • Chrissy Beppo is portrayed by Sofia Hasmik.
  • Chrissy Beppo is an interpretation of the character Christopher Beppo, a character that was created and appeared exclusively in Smallville tie-in stories. The character was, himself, originally a reference to Beppo, Superman's pet Kryptonian monkey from the Silver Age.