Christine Trelane is the manager of Ground Division, the covert investigations department of Skywatch.

Trelane has a simple job: support her underlings and help them achieve the goal of securing technologies that Skywatch wants, either for its own use or to prevent them from birthing horrors into society.[1]

When Jacob Marlowe was rescued from assassination by a woman in flying power armor, Christine was the subject of a personal visit by Henry Bendix, her ultimate superior, who insulted her professionalism this to become public. Chastened, Trelane assigned Lucy Blaze, her top investigator, to get to the bottom of the case.[2]

Executive Protection Services

Trelane had a personal project in mind. When Michael Cray, an I.O. covert actions operative with a unique and threatening brain tumor, refused an assignment, resulting in him being fired, she presented himself to him as an employee of "Executive Protection Services", a San Francisco firm who would employ him in the same field.[3]

Leaving Lucy Blaze as the ranking officer in New York[4], Christine temporarily reassigning herself to San Francisco to manage Michael, she set him to work building a covert action team while killing a list of people using uncanny technologies that Skywatch desired.[5]


Synergy was created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee, first appearing in StormWatch #1. However, in The Wild Storm continuity Christine Trelane first appeared in The Wild Storm #2 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt.



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