Snot-Boy is a half-spirit looking for his heritage.

The animal totem spirit known as White-Buffalo-Woman took human form and came to Earth in the mid 1960s. She assumed the name Brown Mary and united with a struggling musician named Fred Kominsky. She schooled Fred in the ways of the spirit world and introduced him to a magical potion known as Ghostdancing. Together, they formed a rock and roll band named Fifth World Raga and inspired a counterculture resurgence commonly referred to as the hippie movement.

In 1973, Federal agents raided a commune in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Many so-called hippie cultists were killed and Brown Mary was taken into custody. The agent in charge of the sting operation, a man known only as Cody, kept Mary under house-arrest at his home in Laurel Canyon. He soon learned that Mary was heavy with child. Mary gave birth to the infant, and agent Cody handed the baby over to his superiors – a secret organization known as the Mammonites. The Mammonites named the infant, Christopher, and raised him in seclusion in a quarantine compound in Fort Edgar.

Christopher grew up in Fort Edgar under the belief that his mother was dead. Not only was he denied knowledge of his mother's current status, but he was likewise ignorant of the fact that she was a spirit power being. Christopher's hybrid origins manifested themselves early in life. He began experiencing prophetic dreams and psychically communing with elements of the spirit plane. These displays of psychic phenomena greatly troubled the Mammonites. They closely monitored him and forbad him from ever leaving Fort Edgar. They indoctrinated him in the philosophy of the Mammonite vision and began referring to him as Brother Christopher.

In 1995, Brother Christopher overheard agent Cody speaking to the Mammonites concerning his mother. He learned that she was in fact still alive. He took it upon himself to leave the quarantine. Christopher stole Cody's car – a 1965 Thunderbird that once belonged to Fred Kominsky, and began racing through Laurel Canyon. While speeding down US 66, he accidentally hit an old man that had been wandering down the desert highway. The old man turned out to be a power being (like his mother) known as Coyote-Old-Man. Taking the guise of an aging Native American, Coyote-Old-Man introduced himself as Father Craft and told Christopher that he was the son of White-Buffalo-Woman. He further revealed that Christopher's birth name was actually Snot-Boy and that he was destined to bring about cataclysmic global change. Christopher had little regard for the old man's ramblings, but tolerated his rhetoric so long as he agreed to help him rescue his mother.

Snot Boy 2

Snot-Boy as the Snake of Change

Father Craft and Snot-Boy learned that White-Buffalo-Woman had recently been brought back to Fort Edgar. The two returned to the compound and snuck in to rescue the woman. By this point, White-Buffalo-Woman was but a shell of her old self, and had completely forgotten her spiritual identity. Father Craft kept White-Buffalo-Woman by his side, leaving Snot-Boy some time to come to terms with his own true nature.

A short time later, federal agent Cody located Snot-Boy. Rather than return him to the Mammonite compound however, he decided to make a deal with him. He told Snot-Boy about Fred Kominsky (who once went by the name of Snake). He blamed Snake for getting abusing White-Buffalo-Woman and making her insane. He gave Snot-Boy a gun and encouraged him to seek vengeance against Snake for crimes committed against his mother.

Snot-Boy eventually found Snake at a revival concert of his old rock band, Fifth World Raga. Snake told Snot-Boy a different story. He revealed that it was agent Cody who had kidnapped White-Buffalo-Woman and spent the past twenty years violating and abusing her. Cody appeared onstage and tried to shoot Snot-Boy for betraying him, but Snake jumped in front of the shot, saving Snot-Boy's life.

During this time, Snot-Boy learned the true nature of his existence. He learned of the mystical medicine known as the Ghostdancing and came to terms with the role he was destined to play. He harnessed the power of his spiritual heritage and physically evolved into the Snake of Change. He dissolved the barriers separating the spirit world from physical reality, allowing the two planes to merge into one another. The Earth trembled beneath the throes of earthquakes and spiritual purification. The dawn of the Fifth World had begun.


Brown Mary's old tom drum

  • As uncomplimentary as it sounds, Snot-Boy, is in fact his genuine birth-name.



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