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Christopher Champion was born the son of Martin Champion and Lydia Perez, two members of the original Atari Force.

On the day of his birth, though, Lydia was struck by a powerful energy surge through her body that was killing her. Though the baby survived, Martin was so angry at the loss of his wife that he wanted to kill the child. On that day, Dr. Lucas Orion, who was the physician that helped deliver Christopher into the world, thought that his friend blamed Christopher for Lydia's death, only to learn years later that the one Martin actually blamed for her death was the Dark Destroyer.

Over the years as Christopher grew, the only friends he knew he had was his pet Hukka and his "sister" Erin Bia O'Rourke-Singh, whom he shared a telepathic connection to. He also discovered that, from his parents' exposure to Multiversal travel, he was able to travel through the Multiverse by his own ability through a technique that he called "phasing". This ability was one he found out he had when he had lost Hukka in a toy store where he was locked up after closing time and being chased around by a security patrol dog.

In Christopher's adult years, a scientist named Professor Caitlin Venture worked with him not only to further explore the potential of his abilities, but to also be the mentor and mother figure that he lacked. Through an uneasy truce his father had made, Christopher helped Martin steal Scanner One from a museum to use in order to find one of Martin's deep-space probes that somehow turned up missing, tracking it to the massive starship that was controlled by the Atari Force's main nemesis, the Dark Destroyer.


  • Dimensional Travel: Tempest has the ability to generate a dimensional aperture which allows him to travel instantaneously to any location he desires throughout the Multiverse.
  • Intangibility and Bio-Fission: He can also "phase" parts of his body through the Multiverse to appear in the same dimensional plane in different locations.


  • He can carry objects weighing up to ten kilograms through the Multiverse, which will remain intact as long as he holds onto them. Matter weighing more will explode.


  • The name Tempest is taken from a 1980 arcade game produced by Atari.