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Quote1.png I don't just put on faces, Oliver. I become my target. Quote2.png
Christopher Chance src

The Human Target was a master of disguise who has worked in a variety of roles over the years.

The Human Target posed as a Bratva member, hired by Anatoli Knyazev to protect Oliver Queen from Viktor, who didn't trust Oliver's new membership.

Years later, the Human Target would end up working for Oliver yet again. He was contacted by John Diggle to pose as Oliver, the mayor of Star City, who was going to be hit that night by Tobias Church after finding out the mayor was also the Green Arrow. The Human Target, posing as the mayor, got several things done including an interview with Susan Williams, and was later shot by Scimitar, leading Star City to believe the mayor to be dead.

The Human Target later infiltrated Church's gang as a gang member, catching Scimitar off-guard and shooting him in the back. The Human Target left, his mission complete.

A while later, Chance impersonated Tommy Merlyn at Oliver's trial to acquit him of being the Green Arrow.


  • Unique Physiology: Christopher Chance can perfectly morph into anybody of his choosing. Chance fully becomes his persona, matching exact body shape and mannerisms plus knowing as many things about the person as they know themselves.