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Quote1.png I don't pretend. I don't impersonate. In a very real and profound sense... I become another person. Quote2.png
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Christopher Chance is the Human Target, a private detective and bodyguard for hire. Master of disguise and all manners of combat training, he is nearly unmatched in skill. Chance will assume the identity of his clients and personally handle any danger when they believe their life is being threatened.

His father was murdered by a professional killer. Philip Chance owed money to Amos Sharkey, a local loan shark, and was unable to pay. To make an example of him, a hitman named Dancer was sent to murder the man late one night. Although Chris tried to defend his father, he was brushed aside and the gunman fired. After the assailant was scared off by police sirens, his dad told him to make something of himself like he had never been able to, before passing away. That day onward, Christopher Chance found himself unable to feel any fear. He made a personal vow to never again let anyone else suffer the indignity and fear that his father had if he could do something about it. He spent years obsessively studying martial arts techniques and weaponry, training to become a top athlete.[1] Then he began his own private business where people could hire him to impersonate them, and put his own life into danger in place of theirs.

His reputation increased and Chance was eventually hired to impersonate Bruce Wayne, by his own butler, Alfred Pennyworth.[2] Chance agreed and he played the role of Bruce Wayne, while the criminal known as Deadshot was out to murder Wayne. Batman appeared to save "Bruce" and Chance took the opportunity to work together with the Batman, taking Deadshot down. Their combined appearances also served to allay the suspicions of protographer Vicki Vale, who rightfully suspected Bruce Wayne and Batman were the same person.[3] He is also involved in the larger detective community. After the well-known police officer Archie Evergreen was murdered by crimelord Victor Dominion, Christopher teamed up with Captain Compass, Jason Bard, Mysto, Pow-Wow Smith, Roy Raymond and Slam Bradley to bring the boss down, dismantling all of his operations in a single night.[4] During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, he attended a convention in Las Vegas along with Angel O'Day, Harvey Bullock, Johnny Double and Jonni Thunder where they also discovered the corpse of Angle Man.[5]

Eventually the Human Target became addicted to impersonating clients -- even the most unethical ones. He submerged his own personality so deeply that he forgot what it was like. Chance is now incapable of personal relationships, for he is never sure if the emotions he feels are his own, or those of someone he has imitated.[6]