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Quote1 My game is the The Human Target. This is how it's played. You hire me to pretend to be you. So you can see who hates you enough to kill you. You live, I die. Everyone wins. Quote2
Christopher Chance src

Christopher Chance is a private detective known as the Human Target, known for impersonating his clients in order to fake their deaths and keep them safe when they are in danger.

Early Years

Christopher grew up by the ocean on the west coast of the United States. He would sometimes try to make his father feel guilty when he got in trouble, enduring punishments spent in his room by sitting in the dark and claiming he was "fine" afterwards.[1] At the age of twelve, he witnessed his father being shot and killed. After the incident, he found solace in spending hours skipping stones into the sea.[2]

In adulthood, he became a private investigator with a talent for impersonations. For quite some time, he had energy, made good money, and had the freedom to be selective with clientele on principle.[3]

Luthor Case and Poisoning

Eventually, Chance took on Lex Luthor as a client, successfully stopping an attacker during a press event. Afterwards, he noticed himself being choked by a sharp taste of "tin" in his throat, which became painfully overwhelming and caused him to fall unconscious. With the help of Doctor Mid-Nite, he discovered he had been poisoned with something intended for Luthor. Chance set out to confront his own killer with the expected 12 days he had left to live, with members of the Justice League International being the primary suspects due to an ultra-rare compound they had access to being found within the poison.[3]

Dark Crisis

After the "death" of the Justice League, Chance is seen attending their funeral at the Hall of Justice.[4]



  • Poisoning: The poison Chance consumed is debilitating, causing creeping pains and a burning cough. Temporary solutions keep the pain at bay, but the poison is nonetheless slowly killing him over the span of twelve days.