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Christopher Kent is the Last Son of Krypton of Earth-16.

Known as the Superman of his reality, Christopher developed differently from his other dimensional counterparts in terms of his physical and mental background. He was raised in a traditional Buddhist monastery, which would explain his attitude and metaphysical conditioning, and wore a black top with white ridges on the arms based on Kryptonian clothing. Regardless of Christopher's background, he developed superhuman powers that he used for the protection of sentient life on his Earth until he was kidnapped and brought to the Monarch's orbital space arena.

Like the other amassed heroes, Christopher decided to resist the Monarch, though he was clearly overpowered at his normal operating power level. He was able to consciously alter his power absorption ability to allow him to absorb the lethal radiation in the arena in order to use it instead of yellow sunlight to empower himself.

By changing his power process, he was able to cause enough damage to the Monarch to inspire the Earth-30 and Earth-31 Supermen to put aside their personal attitudes long enough to confront and distract the Monarch from the other assembled heroes. While successful in distracting Monarch, Christopher was killed by the vastly overpowered Monarch.


Christopher Kent possessed many powers similar to those of the main incarnations of Superman including: independent flight, superhuman strength and heat vision. He could consciously reformat his powers and energy source at a fundamental levels.

  • Christopher Kent was introduced in Countdown: Arena (Volume 1) as a resident of Earth-16. The number of that universe was later used for the animated series Young Justice, which does not feature any Christopher Kent.



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