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Christopher Smith was a diplomat who loved peace so much that he would routinely dress up in body armor, kit himself out with a variety of lethal weapons, and parachute into international trouble spots as the Peacemaker, where he would cause absolute mayhem in order to preserve it.

Christopher Smith's father was first an Army officer and later a politician, while his mother was a research scientist. He learned some skills, including flying a fighter plane from his father, and his mother inculcated a passion for science in him. His theory on internal guiding systems was selected by Cape Kennedy Air Force Station for space flight. While working as a scientist, he was selected by the United States Air Force to fly the X-17 at Modoc. He flew the rocket at a speed of 5,140 miles per hour, an unofficial speed record.[1]

Smith also developed a hobby of developing his own weapons. He soon became a peace envoy for the United States of America to the Geneva Arms Conference and tried to use his diplomatic career to prevent occurrence of war anywhere in the world.[1] As an envoy, Smith owned a private château, called the "Peace Palace", in the Swiss Alps, keeping the advanced weapons he designed in a secret room. He, however, promised never to use them because of his hatred of violence.[2][3]

Becoming the Peacemaker

As part of his assignment, Smith was sent personally by the American President to Geneva in order to stop a border war being provoked between two South American nations by a mysterious entity. What was known was that the arms-dealer Emil Bork had been selling weapons to both of them, and Smith began an inquiry to look deeper into this. Upon landing in Geneva, his secretary Miss Blair informed him that Bork had deployed agents in the two countries to harm their infrastructure. Smith's limousine was soon ambushed by Bork's men and he told Blair to stay down. As the goons opened his dummy briefcase, they were killed by a deadly gas, preventing them from taking the papers implicating Bork.[2]

A day later at a dinner organized by the embassy of one of the South American countries the US was concerned about, Smith met Bork personally and realized that he could not stop him peacefully. Later at his home, he decided to use violence and after donning bulletproof armor that he himself designed, he dubbed himself the "Peacemaker". He, however, swore to do so again only when there was no other way to stop a conflict. Going to Bork's headquarters with his jetpack, he used his helmet's all-wave radio receiver to learn that his goons had abducted three members of the peace commission that was trying to resolve the flaring tensions amd successfully knocked all of of them out, before being held at gunpoint by Bork's chief hitman, who was armed with a rocket launcher.[2]

Bork's hitman wanted to know his enemy's identity before killing him, but Smith used this to destroy his launcher with a laser beam from his helmet. After learning from him that Bork was fleeing in a bomber, he chased after the aircraft but was soon targeted by its rocket. Though he succeeded in destroying it with a laser beam, he was knocked out after being caught in the blast.[2] Smith woke up at the last minute and used his jetpack to avoid hitting the ground, before using his advanced U-X warplane he himself designed to go to the South American country that Bork had fled to. Later at a dinner organized for all ambassadors, he learned from the American ambassador that Bork was trying to start a war between it and its neighbor.[4]

After hearing about the attack on the American Embassy, Smith pursued the fleeing Bork, but was forced to let him go after being fired upon from a helicopter. He realized that his peaceful ways were futile and donned the disguise of the Peacemaker once more, before going to the border's international bridge where both nations had stationed their troops. As Bork's men fired at both sides, Smith stunned the commander-in-chief of the attacking nation and mimicked his voice to order the troops to stand down, before using a nerve gas to incapacitate troops of the other country. Learning that the Peacemaker was interfering, Bork had his men fire cobalt bombs at the site. Smith, however, destroyed all of them except one, which he guided towards Bork's aircraft.[4]

The Fight For Peace

Smith continued fighting against threats to world peace after killing Bork. One such task was regarding fishing fleets of multiple countries being sabotaged and the various sides blaming each other. Heading to the fishing trawler "Manson", he learned from its captain that the real perpetrator was someone else and the recent acts of sabotage had taken place in the Thousand Mile Reef. As the trawler lowered its fishing nets, a saboteur destroyed them and warned the crew that on the orders of the "Commodore", he had attached an explosive charge which would destroy their hull within a minute. Smith then learnt from the captain that the Commodore was the one attacking the fleets and donned his Peacemaker disguise before stopping the charge in time.[5]

Smith was soon attacked by a group of sharks obeying the saboteur's command, but successfully escaped using his jetpack, while leaving the activated charge among them. Following the fleeing frogman to a nuclear submarine, he knocked him out and entered it himself. The men however soon recognized he was not their crewmate. The Commodore had Smith brought to him and claimed that all seas belonged to him, which is why he was sabotaging the fishing fleets. Smith soon destroyed the atomic engine of the submarine, but helped its crew escape. As his men were apprehended by the Manson's crew, the insane Commodore revealed that he was going to leave for the South Pole, in order to link up with partners who would help him conquer the world.[5]

Some time later at a dinner for diplomats Ferdonich, the ambassador of a small Balkan nation, condemned the United States in front of Smith and threatened it with annihilation if it took any retaliatory measures. Smith became surprised as Ferdonich's nation was bullied around by both the great powers, and did not have any military infrastructure capable of challenging the United States. When the American government learned of this, it sent out surveillance planes and uncovered nuclear reactors being built by Ferdonich's nation. Deciding to investigate the matter himself, Smith flied out to the Balkan nation in the Mach 3 fighter he had himself designed, uncovering a missile complex and new airbases for bomber planes. He also discovered a cargo plane picking up another plane's cargo.[5]

Following the cargo plane of Ferdonich's nation to Antarctica, he discovered a large underground nuclear facility, but was soon discovered. The enemy troops fired a heat-seeking missile, which he evaded by shutting his jet's engine and launching a parachute flare. As the flare landed on the missile base, the missile destroyed it instead. Smith later knocked out a guard patrol with nerve gas and entered the facility through a ventilation duct. The Comrade Marshal of the enemy forces upon discovering him ordered its air to be directed to the nuclear furnaces, but Smith escaped using his jetpack. As Smith busted through the walls of the furnace, the Comrade Marshal was killed due to the heat. Most of his men survived and were saved by the Peacemaker.[5]

Smith soon got his nuclear disarmament plans accepted tentatively by the world powers. While inspecting a uranium mining facility in the Urals, Smith decided to investigate it himself after refusing to believe Marshal Uv's claims that all the workers had been shifted. He soon found himself abducted by mutated creatures, whom he discovered were the slave miners transformed by the uranium. The miners called themselves "the Survivors". Their leader Beel revealed that they had found remains of an ancient civilization while digging and highly advanced weapons, which allowed them to break free of their captors. Now they planned to conquer the world by using routes they dug using the mole machine, while utilizing the disguises of Smith and other world leaders. Smith, however, escaped their clutches and destroyed the cave by firing a laser beam at the machine.[6]

Sometime later, Smith had to contend with the forces of Gekk, the Premier of a Communist nation threatening the world with conquest after creating highly advanced weapons. Upon finding out about the weapons, he warned the United States to be ready for any attack and went to Gekk's capital by himself to try to dissuade him. Gekk showed off his new warplanes to him at the parade and told him to deliver an ultimatum to his President to surrender. Smith pretended to comply, before changing into the Peacemaker disguise in his room and retrieving the U-X airplane. Using his anti-radar device, he caused the anti-aircraft missiles to strike wildly and soon neutralized Gekk's new warplanes. He then used a knockout gas to neutralize Gekk's forces and told the United Nations inspection teams that the Premier was willing to discuss disarmament.[6]

Smith soon developed a romantic relationship with the beautiful scientist Gerda Hain, but the two were rarely able to find time for each other. While the two were holidaying at a beach, Gerda was kidnapped by the fishmen created by the nuclear physicist Enrico Lucetti by combining the biology of aquatic creatures with humans. Lucetti believed that a nuclear Armageddon was inevitable, and thus chose Gerda as one of the survivors who would populate his underwater city after the holocaust. Smith went after the fishmen and was forced to pretend to be knocked out in order to avoid being killed. As he awakened inside Lucetti's chamber, Gerda realized who he was and Smith promised to explain the truth to her someday. Lucetti, meanwhile, told him of his plan and stated that he wanted him to lead his fishmen.[7]

After throwing the transforming drink that a fishman offered him, the Peacemaker escaped Lucetti's city with Gerda. The two soon found themselves under attack by the sealife commanded by the fishmen, but Smith used a spear fired by one of them to wound a whale, sending the sharks into a feeding frenzy and allowing them to escape. Knowing that the zealot Lucetti would want to start a war by himself, he discovered submarines armed with missiles and surrendered in order to learn his plans. As he told Lucetti to surrender, stating he had willingly let himself be captured, he was imprisoned in an unbreakable plastic bubble that deflected all attacks. Lucetti then ordered his forces to fire the missiles, but Smith escaped by creating a hole in the floor. Finding some wires below Lucetti's console, he caused a short-circuit that destroyed the submarines. Lucetti was himself killed while escaping.[7]

Smith later decided to hire a new secretary with whom he could share his secret identity (something unknown to even his staff), and sent out an advertisement. Only one woman named Nora O'Rourke, however, showed up and Smith soon learned that she had intimidated all of the other applicants from coming. Smith was impressed by her bravado and proceeded to tell her about his younger life. As the two talked, a sniper struck at them, but Smith was able to save himself and Nora in time. Using a gun with an infrared scope, he knocked him out using a stun pellet and later invited Nora to dinner after being unable to come to a decision about sharing his secret. As she expressed annoyance, he took her to his laboratory and revealed himself to be the "Peacemaker". He proceeded to tell her how he had become the feared vigilante and his adventures, but she revealed that she already knew the truth.[1]

As Smith and Nora talked, the Peace Palace was struck by knockout gas by the forces of the Bulgarian arms robber Colonel Uz, who was trying to steal his weapons. Though he succeeded in destroying the weapons in time, he was knocked out and taken by Uz's men. Deciding to investigate further, Smith pretended to peacefully come along to Uz's base, where he was shown the weapons the colonel had stolen. The weapons, however, had been damaged while being stolen and Uz demanded that he fix them. The Peacemaker pretended to comply and secretly rigged them to malfunction. As Uz showed him that he had captured Nora, Smith decided to make his move and assaulted Uz's forces, whose weapons soon started malfunctioning. Uz decided to escape in a plane as Smith came after him, but it soon fell apart, killing him. Smith then proceeded to destroy his base.[1]

After retiring from his career as a diplomat, Smith decided to become a scientist again and designed a flame-proof chemical which could be used to survive extreme temperatures. A failed magician called "Mr. Blaze" decided to steal it after hearing that Smith had sent a sample to the United States Chemical Laboratory. Smith found it strange that the flame-proof cloth had disappeared along with its formula, and told Nora to send another sample. Soon he started working on the absolute-zero generator (AZG), which could freeze anything to zero kelvin. Blaze later went to the site of a village destroyed in a volcanic explosion and encountered a bunch of lavamen, molten beings who were hostile to humans. The lavamen were, however, friendly towards Mr. Blaze, a fellow fire-worshiper, and he used Smith's chemicals to tolerate the heat of their home. When he told them how the outside world would destroy them unless they destroyed it first, they decided to join his cause.[3]

The United States soon decided to test a naval ship's survivability in front of an underwater nuclear test and Smith decided to go as an observer. As he flew in his Peacemaker disguise to see the blast up close, he was soon assaulted by the lavamen, who were after the materials on the ship. After Smith woke up, Mr. Blaze made him design an indestructible quadrisonic aircraft, imbued with the power of the lavamen, in exchange for promising not to use it to harm anyone. Blaze, however, soon revealed his intent to break his promise and was assaulted by Smith, who was overpowered by the lavamen and thrown into a volcanic fissure. Knowing he would not be able to survive for long in the heat, Smith froze the lava using the AZG. The extreme heat, however, re-melted it and caused an explosion, allowing him to escape the volcano. Nora informed him of Mr. Blaze's assault using the quadrisonic aircraft on North America as he returned to the Peace Palace and he had the AZG units loaded on his jet to take it down.[3]

As the American missiles were destroyed by the quadrisonic aircraft's heat, the flame-proof chemical protecting Mr. Blaze soon reached the end of its half-life. Smith used the distraction to freeze the aircraft with the AZG, causing it to be destroyed upon hitting the Potomac River. The lavamen then returned to their volcanic home after Mr. Blaze's disappearance, and Smith sealed the entrances using the AZG, in order to end their threat to the world permanently.[3]

Crisis on Infinite Earths

When the Anti-Monitor started destroying the Multiverse, Earth-Four was one of the last five universes to survive. The Psycho-Pirate was given the task of manipulating its people into rushing head-first into the Antimatter cloud and fight the heroes who came to rescue them. As such, the Peacemaker along with other heroes of Earth-Four attacked the group of heroes consisting of Azrael, Blok, the Martian Manhunter, Katana and Jay Garrick, who had been sent by the Harbinger to rescue them. The efforts of the Harbinger's allies however allowed her to save Earth-Four by starting its merger with the other universes in the Netherverse.[8]

After being freed from the Psycho-Pirate's influence, the Peacemaker and other heroes of his universe agreed to Pariah's request for help. When Captain Atom was chosen for the assault on the Anti-Monitor's fortress in the Antimatter Universe, Smith insisted to the others that the he should have been chosen instead. Nightshade, however, told him to calm down and reminded him that Atom was the most powerful individual out of all of them. The heroes were successful in destroying the Anti-Monitor's star collector[9] and were later called to battle him before the creation of the Multiverse.[10]

Though the Spectre saved the Multiverse, it was folded into a single universe known as New Earth. The Peacemaker was one of the few people who had remembered the Crisis due to being there at the dawn of time.[11] He later confronted the Shadow Demons in Chicago after the Anti-Monitor pulled Earth into the Antimatter Universe, and watched the Green Arrow of Earth-Two get killed. One of the demons exploded as they touched his gun, making him fall from a building. Halo, however, rescued him and the Anti-Monitor was soon defeated.[12]

The Peacemaker of Earth-Four later ceased to exist as the timeline of "New Earth" underwent changes, replacing him with a younger, psychotic version.[13][14]



  • Helmet: The Peacemaker's helmet has radar and radio communication, and an ultrasonic stun beam. This helmet can modify his voice, detect radio emitters, fire a laser beam from its forehead and allow underwater operations.[15]
  • Body armor
  • Miniature escape tools



  • Hidden explosives
  • Container of super-concentrated knockout gas[15]
  • Fighting knife
  • Nerve gas pistol
  • Explosive charge
  • Shark sedative [15]
  • Armor-piercing Derringer
  • Pistol with IR scope
  • Absolute zero generator (AZG) [15]
  • Anti-vehicular pistol
  • Pentolite boots[15]
  • Right glove contains a vial that becomes a fire bomb when crushed[15]

  • This version of the Peacemaker, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths event and later restored following the rebirth of the infinite Multiverse during the Dark Crisis of 2022-2023. Even though other versions of the character may have appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • "Peacemaker" first appeared as a backup feature in The Fightin' Five, but was later given his own title with the Fightin' Five as his backup feature. After five issues, the Five ousted him from his own book once more.
  • The Peacemaker's first DC Comics appearance was Crisis on Infinite Earths #6.