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Quote1 This is my job and I'm damned good at it. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here risking my life and the lives of all the innocent prey! I'm Peacemaker... And I'll kill to keep the peace! Quote2
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Peacemaker (real name: Christopher Smith) is a peace agent and vigilante driven by an extremist form of pacifism which makes him love peace so much that he would kill for it. Tortured and miserable, the obsessed vigilante worked with various organizations for his mission, including Project: Peacemaker and Checkmate.

Early Life

Christopher is the son of Austrian industrialist Wolfgang Schmidt and American author Elizabeth Lewis. He was born in New York City, but raised in Austria.

His father committed suicide in 1955 after secrets about his past in the war came to light. He had commanded a Nazi concentration camp in Poland, and had war crimes on his name. Christopher, five years old, witnessed the event, which traumatized him. The trauma would define his life and his relation with his father.

Elizabeth returned to the United States with her son and changed her name to Smith. Christopher had difficulty fitting in, and became rebellious and aggressive. He began to see visions of his father in an SS uniform, speaking directly to him. Wolfgang urged Christopher to excel in academia to be worthy of his legacy, and he did.

The Vietnam War

The day he turned 18, Christopher enlisted in the Army. The war was in its final days when Sergeant Smith was assigned for his first tour.

After an error from military intelligence and urged on by the voice of his father, Christopher Smith inadvertedly massacred a village full of innocent people. As he was in charge of the unit, he was made the sole scapegoat. A court-martial sentenced him to 20 years to life in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. His mother died while he was in jail.

Project: Peacemaker

Christopher Smith was given a parole, provided that he worked with the US Government on Project: Peacemaker, an elite secret police force that fought terrorism. Urged on by the voice of his father, Christopher accepted and excelled in his training. The program was shut down before it could start, but Christopher was freed anyway.

Christopher returned to Austria to head his father's business. He changed the main production lines, from ammunition and weaponry to household appliances. Now a millionnaire, he lived the life, and eventually settled in Switzerland. He founded the Pax Institute in Geneva, a charity dedicated to helping war victims. In the capacity of chairman, he started his own Project: Peacemaker. He wished to achieve his goal of peace in two ways: in his civilian guise with the charity, and as the masked Peacemaker. Peacemaker, a one-man-army with high-tech weapons, became an important part of his life, and his father's spirit kept harassing him to become more and more extreme. His mental illness also became worse, as he thought the souls of those that he could not save lived in his helmet.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Peacemaker battled the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons in Philadelphia alongside Cyborg, the Vigilante, Wildcat, and the Son of Vulcan.[1] During the battle, Peacemaker suffered a debilitating head injury. The damage to his brain may have pushed him over the edge into insanity.[2]

Government Service

After the Agency figured out his secret identity, Peacemaker was shanghaied into service. Agency chairman Valentina Vostok used his services, and saw to it that he went to therapy with Dr. Bridgette D'Abo to temper his psychological problems.

After the Agency was dissolved, Peacemaker briefly worked for Checkmate. After that, Amanda Waller recruited him in the Shadow Fighters. Their mission was to rescue a girl in Parador. The Shadow Fighters fared badly against Eclipso, who had taken over the country. While piloting a helicopter, Peacemaker was brought down. The entire team was reported killed in action.[3] Smith's apparent spirit showed up in Purgatory during Day of Judgment.

One Year Later

Years later, now much more mentally stable, a somehow resurrected Christopher Smith stumbled upon the tomb of Kha-Ef-Re when he was fighting Intergang. He discovered some alien tech belonging to the Reach. He courageously downloaded the Reach's infiltrator program into his mind. After seeing the horrible images of what an infiltrator could do, he set out to El Paso to see the person the programming was meant for, Jaime Reyes.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Peacemaker suffered from bipolar disorder and possibly schizophrenia, believing that the souls of the people that he killed inhabited his helmet and spoke to him. He was also plagued by hallucinations of his dead father egging him on to violence. When he resurfaced years later and encountered the Blue Beetle, Peacemaker's mental illness was no longer in evidence.


  • Body Armor: Peacemaker's uniform is actually highly flexible bulletproof fabric.
  • Helmet: Peacemaker's bulletproof helmet is able to produce a sonic burst that can leave enemies temporarily deafened.
  • Jetpack


  • Fighter Jet: Personal fighter jet with missiles, machine guns, and an AI autopilot.



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