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Quote1 My name is Christopher Smith. I used to be a diplomat. I came to D.C. in pursuit of one thing, and one thing only. Peace. And when I couldn't find it... my new life began. Peacemaker isn't just a name. It's my mission. Whatever it takes. Whatever the cost. Quote2
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The Peacemaker (real name Christopher "Chris" Smith) is a hardened and driven vigilante who has dedicated his life to the elimination of war. He has been an operative of the L.A.W., Task Force X (the "Suicide Squad"), and Rick Flag's rebel Suicide Squad in his pursuit of peace.


August Smith Prime Earth 001

Young Christopher with his father

Christopher Smith was born to the supremacist Auggie Smith, who always despised him, becoming disappointed in his actions, causing trauma for Chris, while he was trained by Auggie to be a soldier.[1][2] To begin his career as a vigilante, Chris received technological helmets with special abilities from Auggie, considering it the only good gesture his father gave him.[3]

In adulthood, Smith became a diplomat and traveled to Washington, D.C. in pursuit of the elimination of war. When he came to the conclusion that he couldn't achieve his goal through diplomacy, he became the "Peacemaker", an extremist vigilante willing to kill anyone in the name of peace. As Peacemaker, he served with a team of vigilantes that included the Blue Beetle, Judomaster, Nightshade, and the Question.[4] During the Alien Alliance's invasion of Earth, he fought on the front lines alongside heroes such as Firestorm and the Justice League. The conflict weighed heavily on Smith, leading to a deterioration in his mental state that left him erratic and almost suicidal.[5]

Inferior Five

Rescue of "Bruce Wayne"

Christopher Smith Prime Earth 008

Peacemaker meets "Bruce Wayne"

Seeking redemption, Chris attempted to become a superhero, doing numerous missions as a vigilante, receiving parole to be in his trailer, being guarded by Task Force X parole officer Rick Raleigh, a skilled and friendly ally of Amanda Waller, who was tracking him using the nano explosive in his head. Despite his best efforts, Chris remained unknown as Peacemaker, knowing that no one liked him due to his behavior, including his fellow Suicide Squad members. One night, Peacemaker received Waller's order to go to a terrorist base, easily defeating the criminals, before discovering that the base was a stray dog, which he fell in love with, comparing it to the billionaire Bruce Wayne, and decided to adopt it, calling him Bruce Wayne.[1]

Delighted by having Bruce Wayne as a pet, Peacemaker began acting like a good owner, receiving advice from Rick to take care of him, however, during his absence in the trailer, the dog had been kidnapped by The Brain, a criminal mastermind placed in a metal cylinder, angering Peacemaker and he quickly headed to Brain's base, who revealed that he had captured Bruce Wayne, threatening to kill the dog if he did not follow his orders because he is a hero, entrusting him with the mission of obtaining the DNA of the deadliest mercenary, Deathstroke the Terminator, with which he acquired a powerful new body for his plans to dominate the world.[1][3]

Christopher Smith Prime Earth 009

Fighting side by side with Mallah

Peacemaker agreed to the mission, joining forces with Mallah, Brain's faithful gorilla assistant, with whom he went to his trailer to collect his powerful helmets for the theft of DNA, which was in the base of General Immortus, an immortal supervillain and Brain's former ally. During the mission, Peacemaker began to connect with Mallah, forming a friendship over their love for rock'n roll and the support the gorilla gave him for his daddy issues, learning to fight together to enter the base, where they faced Immortus' guards, the Demolition Team, defeating them with the use of his special helmet, and killing one of the members, Steamroller. Peacemaker and Mallah arrived at the secret area of ​​Immortus, who due to his old clumsiness ended up being defeated, causing the duo to steal Deathstroke's DNA, but by surprise, Peacemaker was betrayed by Mallah, who took the DNA to personally take to Brain.[3]

Christopher Smith Prime Earth 010

Peacemaker and Red Bee team up to save Bruce Wayne

Feeling bad about Mallah's betrayal, Peacemaker ran to a bar in the desert to vent his sorrows, crying because people did not want to spend time with him, nor did they love him, something that lowered his self-esteem while one of the bar's visitors, Delmont, judged his role as a superhero, before the Demolition Team arrived for revenge. Peacemaker fought bravely against the villains, defeating them and gaining the respect of bartender, Georgia, and Delmont's friends, who recognized him as a true superhero, making Peacemaker happy, so he returned to his trailer to collect weapons to rescue Bruce Wayne, being confronted by Rick, who tried to arrest him for breaking his arrest, until Peacemaker explained the situation to him, convincing him to help him, with Rick returning to his role as the superhero Red Bee, his former role as a hero during World War II.[6]

In search of Brain and Mallah's base, Peacemaker and Red Bee confronted General Immortus, who, under the threat of Peacemaker, told them that Brain's base was in the Amazon, since it would be his way of getting revenge on Brain, and in In an attempt to get help, Peacemaker called Waller, who refused to help him after learning that the kidnapping was from Peacemaker's dog instead of the real Wayne, so the duo met with pilot and Rick's old friend, Johnny Blackhawk, who took them in his plane, Delilah, to the jungles of the Amazon.[7]

Christopher Smith Prime Earth 011

Peacemaker fights Snowflame

In the wild jungles of the Amazon, Peacemaker and Red Bee evaded several poisonous creatures, arriving at a camp of drug traffickers who used the natives to make food, causing them to end up being captured by mercenaries, who served their boss, Snowflame, a cocaine-powered supervillain and Brain's ally, who while thinking of a way to kill them, Red Bee's faithful bee partner, Michael the Bee, freed the duo with a group of bees, allowing the duo to fight the mercenaries, with Peacemaker, receiving Michael's help to take down Snowflame, drowning him in his own cocaine, freeing the slave boy who informed them of the location of Brain's base. Using a raft, the duo infiltrated Brain's base, discovering several clones of Brain's henchmen who turned out to be non-evil, showing them the way to their evil master.[7][2]

Christopher Smith Prime Earth 012

Peacemaker and Bruce Wayne are saved by Red Bee

Peacemaker and Red Bee entered the base's medical area, discovering that Brain had made multiple baby clones of Deathstroke and a teenage version, Teen Deathstroke, whom they confronted, but Peacemaker was able to reason with him, acting as a father figure, convincing Teen Deathstroke to seek his happiness and the duo continued on their way. In the armory, Peacemaker finally freed Bruce Wayne, reuniting with his pet, being surprised by Brain who obtained his new powerful body, Warmaker, starting a battle against Red Bee, who was furious because Brain killed his friends in the war and Peacemaker had his revenge against Mallah. After Brain's defeat, Mallah inserted his master's brain into the giant creature Chemo, which would devastate the world as Brain, so Peacemaker and Red Bee tried to defeat him in the Wheel of War, however, Red Bee chose to sacrifice himself, saving Peacemaker, whom he recognized as a true superhero for trying hard to change, and Bruce Wayne, defeating Brain.[2][8]

Some time later, Peacemaker headed to Rick's old farm, honoring his memory along with Michael's, drinking a beer in his honor and leaving his Red Bee mask with his bees, crying for the death of his friend, recognizing him as someone good for never abandoning him. Recovering his faith in himself and hope in being a good superhero, Chris celebrated his birthday party with the friends he met on his adventure such as the Suicide Squad, Delmont and his gang, Georgia, Johnny, Teen Deathstroke and Waller, who congratulated him for saving the world from Brain. The party was interrupted by the Demolition Team's attack, but to the surprise of the villains, Peacemaker and his new friends jumped into action to confront them.[8]

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Vol 7 1 Textless

Assault on Arkham

During the Infinite Frontier, Peacemaker joined the Suicide Squad, a team made up of supervillains led by A.R.G.U.S. director, Amanda Waller. He and his teammate were teleported by Bolt to Arkham Asylum. However, Bolt was killed by the seemingly insane Cobb, and Film Freak and Shrike fell victim to a Joker gas attack, leading Peacemaker to call in reinforcements: "Superboy," with Culebra, Nocturna, Mindwarp, and Exit. Though the Squad was delayed by "Superboy's" desire to save the asylum staff and lost Mindwarp and Exit to the gas, the survivors were able to return to Belle Reve with Talon through a portal created before the teleporter's death.[9]

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Dawn of DC

Christopher Smith Prime Earth 007

Peacemaker and Peacewrecker

Peacemaker refused Jon Kent's offer of membership in his new Justice League during the Dark Crisis,[10] and at its conclusion, joined Amanda Waller's campaign to eradicate the Earth's metahumans on behalf of the Council of Light.[11] Waller deployed Peacemaker and his distaff counterpart Peacewrecker to the Eastern European nation[12] of Vilnaya to obtain a meteorite fragment—to which the being known as the Void was vulnerable[13]—in exchange for putting down a local coup. There they encountered and fought with Spartan, an android also seeking the stone on behalf of the Void, who destroyed it to keep it out of their hands,[12] while the Vilnayan government fell to military rule without outside support.[13]

Smith took command of Task Force X, and worked with US General Blanche to infiltrate their worm-like asset Velvet into the metahuman rescue team the Doom Patrol via a staged attack on Velvet's sentient humanoid construct Worm by "Peacehammer" robots made in Smith's likeness. Once the two had gained access to the Doom Patrol's headquarters, Smith had Velvet surveil the facility, and, upon discovering that Patrol member Mento's psychic powers had been enhanced by a liquid supercomputer, ordered Worm to destroy it and Mento. Worm refused to and attempted to flee, and Smith was temporarily prevented from detonating the bomb within his head by the Doom Patrol's signal blocking. Worm revealed his deception and was thrown to the air by Robotman of the Doom Patrol, preventing the detonation of his implant from causing any collateral damage. However, Smith had succeeded in his true objective, insinuating Velvet into the Patrol even as Worm was destroyed.[14]

Waller sent Peacemaker, with fellow operatives Peacewrecker and Gunsmith, to recover an artifact known as the Helmet of Hate from a temple on the quarantined Lazarus Island. Dropping in by air, Smith led his team against opposition from local security forces, losing Gunsmith and taking a bullet in the process. After successfully retrieving the artifact, which regenerated itself from a fragment, Peacemaker called in an extraction for himself and Peacewrecker.[15] Smith also led a government force tasked with capturing Titano, a giant cyborg ape attacking a nuclear power plant. When the ape was incapacitated by the superhero team the Titans, Smith was ordered by the President of the United States to reveal against his wishes that the attack had been part of a plot by parties unknown to wreak environmental devastation, and to propose that the Titans work on behalf of the United States government, an offer which the team declined.[16] When Black Canary and Arsenal stormed Belle Reve seeking information on Waller from inmate Count Vertigo, Peacemaker and Peacewrecker fought with them until all four were disabled by a disorienting attack from Vertigo. With the inmate in turn incapacitated by the Canary, Peacemaker, hoping to best Arsenal's famed skill as an archer, offered access to Vertigo as the prize in a shooting contest, which the archer won.[17]

When the government-funded Metagen Inc. lost control of their designer superhuman Metawoman, Peacemaker led a task force of Peacehammer robots to Metagen's Illinois headquarters to contain the threat.[18] Peacemaker and his robots later tracked down the Doom Patrol, Velvet among them, in the wake of a battle with their foes the Brotherhood of Evil. Super-strong, shape-changing Patrol member Degenerate took on Peacemaker's forces, allowing his beleaguered teammates to escape.[19] When the Titans' actions on the contested island of Borneo threatened to incite an international incident, Peacemaker requested to lead a team to intervene, but was instead ordered by Amanda Waller to summon Doctor Hate,[20] an ally of hers empowered by the Helmet of Hate.[21] Peacemaker and Peacewrecker joined Waller in an underwater safehouse during Hate's reprisal against the Titans, where they encountered Arsenal and Cheshire, still hunting Waller, who gunned the intruders down.[22]

After Waller orchestrated the shape-shifting Titan Beast Boy's loss of control and dispersal of mutagenic Star Conqueror spores across the globe, Peacemaker served as her escort for a meeting with the President of the United States at the White House[23] and to spring Lex Luthor from Stryker's Island Penitentiary.[24] He was next assigned to abduct Chester Runk, a metahuman with the ability to generate black holes. Finding him under threat from spore-mutated beast people, Smith killed them—including Runk's own son—and delivered a sedated Runk to Waller to be used as a weapon against Beast Boy.[25] Peacemaker served as Waller's bodyguard at the Bureau of Sovereignty as she prepared to launch a series of drone strikes against those infected by the spores. On her orders, he fought a trespassing Nightwing of the Titans, but was blinded by his own helmet and rendered unconscious.[26]

He also worked with the A.X.E., a governmental anti-Amazon agency, to capture their Queen Nubia, and used her life as leverage to demand the surrender of Queen Faruka in the Garden of the Hesperides.[27] They were rescued by Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, who teleported Peacemaker and his captives through a number of locales—Philadelphia, Mumbai, Edinburgh, and Santa Fe—and escaped with the Amazons, though not before Nubia was shot with Peacemaker's gun by a frightened child.[28] He and the A.X.E. later attempt to intercept Nubia and her Amazon allies at the New York United Nations plaza, but they were talked down by the queen and instead took Asylum, a terrorist who had framed the Amazons for her crimes, into custody.[29]

In the aftermath of the Beast Boy crisis, Amanda Waller's Bureau of Sovereignty took over the Justice League's former headquarters the Hall of Justice, and Peacemaker was among the forces under her command tasked with compromising the Hall's security measures and turning them against its former occupants, in addition to cataloguing its contents for transport. While there, he and Peacewrecker took custody of an unconscious Green Arrow, captured during a break-in attempt, and beat him before turning him over to Waller.[30] Peacemaker gave new Bureau recruit Curtis a tour of the Hall, assuring him of their good intentions, only to walk in on Amanda Waller cutting a deal with the demon Trigon, prompting their swift exit.[31] On Waller's behalf, he raided the headquarters of the superhero-affiliated research group Terrifitech, and tased pro-superhero podcaster Jimmy Scorch as he was ejected from the Central City city center.[32]


Other Characteristics


  • Supersuit
  • Helmets:
    Peacemaker's Helmets 001

    Peacemaker's Helmets

    As Peacemaker, Chris wears an odd, domed chrome helmet with his downward-facing dove symbol on it, that he believes is a "beacon of freedom". He has several of these helmets with various abilities.[3]
    • X-ray vision helmet
    • Force-field helmet
    • Underwater helmet
    • Sonic blast helmet
    • Anti-gravity helmet
    • Human torpedo helmet
    • Screwdriver helmet
    • Itchy ban helmet
    • Scabies helmet
    • "Bound for Good" helmet
    • Bane voice helmet
    • Anti-venom helmet


  • Peacemaker's Car


  • Escrima sticks



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