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The Chronicler is an entity created by the Source for the purpose of recording the histories of dying Multiverses.

The Chronicler is an observer of the omniverse, working for the Source and has been tasked with recording the histories of dying Multiverses in his "Codex Omniversa". For countless eons, he has seen trillions of dying Multiverses, recording all their history.

Dark Nights: Death Metal

As the Multiverse was on the brink of destruction while the Darkest Knight and Perpetua did battle across space, Chronicler came to the dying reality from the Overvoid in order to record its last histories before its destruction. He came to Psycho-Pirate to gather information as he is one of the few beings who can remember each iteration of history between Crisis events. When Chronicler recorded the information he needed from Psycho-Pirate, he was fascinated by the Multiverse, causing him to wish to learn more about it.

His next step led him to Vril Dox, the son of Brainiac. Vril tried to make a deal with the Chronicler in order to escape the dying Multiverse, but Chronicler told him that he was not allowed to deal with the dead, only to record and move on. Chronicler then opened his book and started to record the memories of Vril Dox, but was upset to see that despite the great cosmic fairy tale of heroes and villains of this Multiverse, some people sought to corrupt it to the point of destruction. Chronicler then showed Vril the fate of every Multiverse he recorded before leaving him.

Later, Chronicler brought Metron back to life. Chronicler questioned what made his Multiverse more special than the previous ones and Metron responded that years of being the God of Knowledge made him realize the beauty of it all. Metron believes in this universe and its characters, and believed they would live forever. He came to the conclusion that Chronicler was in a similar situation; wanting to do more than observe and save this multiverse from its oncoming destruction. Metron allowed Chronicler to peer into his mind, so that he could understand as well.[1]


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Hailing from the Omniverse, Chronicler is several rungs above the New Gods in the cosmic hierarchy, according to Metron, as he's protected by The Source.
    • Cosmic Awareness: As the Omniversal overseer, Chronicler has eons of accumulated knowledge of trillions of dying Multiverses, their inhabitants and possesses a vast understanding about the working of the Multiverses of the Omniverse and their purpose.
    • Dimensional Travel: Chronicler is able to rip though the fabric of space-time, from the Overvoid, to enter in a Multiverse.
    • Disintegration: Chronicler can incinerate others with a mere gesture of his hand.
    • Immortality: Chronicler spent several thousands of years and even more watching and recording the dying realities of the Greater Omniverse.
    • Resurrection: Chronicler can resurrect others as he did with Metron.
    • Telepathy: Chronicler can peer into the minds of others and see all their collective memories. He was able to resist the emotion-altering abilities of Psycho-Pirate with no issues at all.


  • Codex Omniversa: The Codex Omniversa is the book on which Chronicler record all the information of the dying Multiverses he visits. The book holds the history of trillions Multiverses from their beginnings to their very end. Furthermore, the Codex Omniversa can record all the collective memories of an individual.[2]