Quote1 I am Chu Jiang-- God of the Dead-- Final arbiter of the second court of Hell! And you...? You are only a man clothed in rust! Quote2
-- Counterfeit Chu Jiang src

Chu Jiang and his fellow Gods where created by stolen Durlan technology from the Chinese Standing Committee for Metahuman Affairs by General Hu and Director of the Metahuman Defence Agency of Taiwan Ma Saihung in secret to take over China.

The Gods where unaware that they where only created as a distraction as the real treat to China was assembled within the Gobi Desert: a second Terracotta Army.

When the faithful in Lhasa, Tibet where made "aware" of the real gods return they gathered only to be put down by the Chinese Super-functionaries the Great Ten the Gods appeared and by the Jade Emperor's decree he sentences them all to death for there crimes against the faithful. And seem to dominate the startled Super-Functionaries. Only when Vice Premier Jiang was about to nuke the place to ensure it's country safety, the Gods safely telleported away taking Celestial Archer (who sworn a oath to serve the gods of old) with them.

A short while thereafter he and his comrades invaded the the main cities of China, his target Hong Kong. There the God of the Dead clashed with Super-Functionary Ghost Fox Killer.

When Feng Po was killed battling Immortal Man in Darkness (Chen Nuo) in Shanghai He and the other Gods started to panic as who could kill a God. The Jade Emperor scoffed claiming Feng Po was only captured and it's demise fabricated on television. But he ensured them all they will avenge there comrade in Hong Kong with the help of devoted followers, the Taiwanese branch of The Triads. Although they where unaware that Celestial Archer had tipped his former comrades of.

Arriving at Lantau Island, the Jade Emperor grew suspicious of the Archer's loyalties and thus asked the God of the Dead to look after him. When there monastery was assaulted by the slayed men controlled by Ghost Fox Killer. The God left his quarry and ordered him not to fire, he was the God of Dead after all.

Slicing through her undead with ease Chu Jiang tracked Ghost Fox Killer down at Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour who was accompanied by her fellow Super-functionaries August General in Iron. After a heavy fight the Super-functionaries menaged to overheat his Durlan implants. In the end the God of Dead became just an other ghost to be controlled by Ghost Fox Killer.



  • Temperature Maintenance: Chu Jiang's altered body is like a cryo-suit as it's implants require a subzero temperature.
  • God Issues: Only at dead Chu Jiang realized he was mortal.


Possibly Boom Tube





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