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The Chupacabra (Spanish for 'goat-sucker') is a reptilian alien-like creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas. The creature is said to attack and drink the blood of livestock, typically goats.

In the DC Universe, the Chupacabrians were an alien race worshiped by King Tut as the Gods of Egypt. A chupacabrian named Ch'ck, also known as "Colin", became the companion and pet of Bizarro from Earth 29.

Another character called Chupacabra is Diego Perez; a Mexican student at Teen Titans Academy who was injected with a version of the Man-Bat Serum, turning him into an apex predator.

Chupacabrians were created by Heath Corson and Gustavo Duarte, first appearing in Bizarro #1 (2015). Diego Perez was created by Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval, first appearing in Future State: Teen Titans #1 (2021).