Ciba Weber was a doctor who was in orbit of Earth aboard the international space station along with two male colleagues, Vladimir and Joe, when the gendercide took place.

The three, unable to remain aboard the space station indefinitely, had to attempt to return to the surface when normal maintenance teams, comprised of men before the plague hit, stopped attending to repairs and fuel began to run low. They boarded a shuttle, but it was hit by gunfire, courtesy of an increasingly insane Alter Tse'Elon, causing a ruptured fuel tank which claimed the lives of Vlad and Joe. Weber, however, was able to emerge from the shuttle shortly after it crashed onto Earth's surface. She revealed to Agent 355 and Dr. Allison Mann, who were on the scene of the crash, that Vlad and Joe insisted that she get out of the burning shuttlepod first, since she was pregnant by one of them. It was later revealed that Vlad was the father, and Weber named the child, a boy, Vladimir Jr., after his father. Weber and her infant son were later protected from Tse'Elon's forces, who were hunting them, by Russian agent Natalya Zamyatin and former Amazon Hero Brown. Weber, Vladimir Jr., and Zamyatin eventually arrived in Russia and as the country's only male, Vladimir naturally became an important figure. In the last issue of the series, Weber was revealed to have passed on, but Vlad Jr. was revealed to become the country's leader. It is unrevealed whether or not Weber lived long enough to see this happen, but Zamyatin continued to look after Vlad after Weber's passing.




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