Captain Ciji was a skilled Durlan shape-shifter who joined the R.E.B.E.L.S.

Ciji was sent to procure the bounty hunters that were hired to kill Vril Dox II aka Brainiac 2. [1] While Amon Hakk, Getorix and Skwaul are escorted by Ciji Amon laughs at the idea that he is being escorted to jail by a child. Ciji then transforms her left arm into a grotesque claw and impales Skwaul, because she states that she doesn't like Telepaths.[2]

Ciji tells Getorix that he has a choice: he can either go to jail or he can help track down Tribulus which will inevitably lead to Vril Dox II. Getorix leads Ciji to planet Maltus where the Omega Men are being attacked by Astrild Storm-Daughter and Starro's slaves.[3]

Ciji finds Vril Dox II ship who was answering the Omega Men's distress call and hitches a ride. The Omega Men are saved by the Psions, who task the Omega Men to assassinate Starro's current host.[4]

As for the R.E.B.E.L.S., Ciji intends to recruit Vril Dox II rather than collecting on his bounty because the Durlans want Vril Dox II's genius to counter the impending battle with Starro. Ciji remained with the group when it transitioned into a reformed L.E.G.I.O.N..


  • Durlan Physiology: Ciji is a Durlan, a race of alien beings that can shape-shift at any time for any length of time with little limitation on size or shape. As such her physiology is in constant flux and she hardly takes her original orange Durlan form.
    • Shape-Shifting: Like all Durlans, Ciji possesses the ability to transform his body's size, shape and color to mimic any person, creature or object in the universe.
    • Elasticity: Having a malleable form, Ciji can stretch and extend her form despite being in a solid form.
    • Enhanced Senses: Durlans can scan objects and/or living forms and store their shape into their brains. Scanning with their antenna takes only a few moments and the Durlan can take that form at any time.



  • Power Duplication Limitation: Ciji is limited to the physical capabilities of the form she takes. For instance, she cannot gain a Kryptonian's enhanced cells. However, she can fly like a bird and/or sting like a bee.



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