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Cindy, often called Sin, is a wayward youth who was once rescued by Sara Lance, the Canary, from some guys one night.

They have been meeting often ever since.

Cindy lost her mother to cancer at a very early age. She later lost her father when he was shot down by Anthony Ivo's freighter. He landed on the same island that both Oliver Queen and Sara Lance were trapped on. In his final moments, Cindy's father handed Sara a picture of his twelve year old daughter, begging the woman he just met to care for his daughter.

In the present, during his search for information on the Canary, Roy Harper is referred to Sin. Asked about her, Sin ran and lead Roy to her and Sara's hiding spot, a seemingly abandoned clock tower, leaving him at the mercy of her friend.

The next time Sin and Roy see each other is at a Cash for Guns event. Spotting him with his girlfriend Thea Queen, Sin goads him about Thea not knowing his connection with the Vigilante. When a gang lord calling himself the Mayor crashes the event, Sin is shot and Roy comes to his rescue. When she wakes up at the hospital, she expresses her gratitude and tells him that she will keep his secret. Her friend Sara checks up on her from outside her room, not wanting to encounter Oliver's sister.