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The second Cinnamon was avenging her murdered father. She later joined Checkmate as a Rook.

Cinnamon: El Ciclo

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The daughter of a police officer, Cinnamon was with her father when he was shot during a bank robbery. Watching her father die traumatized the girl and drove her to seek vengeance against anyone responsible for the murder of her father. Leaving California, she traveled to and through Mexico and made a name for herself as a redheaded marksman for justice. She eventually made her way back up into the United States and began a crusade against her father's killers. One by one, seven men were to die. The third of the seven men was the most difficult to kill, not because he was elusive but because he accepted his fate in the culpable murder. After apologizing, the man was shot a single time and died in front of her own daughter. Thirteen years later Cinnamon was still on her hunt when Mace, the daughter of the third man killed, began a similar crusade against Cinnamon. When their lives intersected they drew arms on each other but circumstances prevented their true battle for vengeance. Cinnamon assisted in saving Mace's new family and together they stopped a corrupt Senator from abusing his young daughter. Forced to fight alongside each other, Mace and Cinnamon began something of a friendship. However, when the time came the women again pulled their weapons on each other. Mace could not kill Cinnamon and Cinnamon walked away.


The Rooks were Checkmate's heavy guns, only sent on select missions where lower agents could not achieve results. They were called in to raid a Kobra compound and manage to retrieve multiple half-snake babies.


  • Apocritic Enhancement: as part of the Rook program, Cinnamon injects herself with the "apocritic". This is a solution created from Starro DNA that gives the rooks extra abilities.
    • Mental Link: she has a mental link with anyone else under the influence of the apocritic


  • Firearms: A self-styled cowboy, Cinnamon is an extremely accurate shot. Carrying two old pistols, Cinnamon has carried out assassinations, got into fire fights and made very difficult shots under painful conditions.
  • Tracking: Seven men were in some way responsible for the murder of Cinnamon's father. She spent her entire life tracking each one down and killing them.
  • Multilingualism: Cinnamon speaks both English and Spanish as she's spent time in both the United States and Mexico.


  • Symbiotic Link: Rooks share all senses and if one is hit, all feel the impact.



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