Circe is a tattooist, and like the sorceress of the same name, she often transformed men into animals, in retaliaton for past misconducts towards women. She also does magical tattoos that have special effects on the user.

She has a tattoo shop on Soho, London, where she saw Tim Hunter and Molly O'Reilly on dates.[1] She grew interested on them, and when she found Molly and Marya having girl talk, she stayed with them to learn about the mage. Tim was hearing them also, by hiding in the body of a cat. Molly told the girls about how Tim could became Sir Timothy Hunter in the future, and Marya about Daniel and how he became violent after she told him that she did not wanted him as a boyfriend. Daniel appeared on scene, and Circe transformed him on a puppy that Marya adopted, even when Molly protested for this, as this situation did not solve anything, and would only confuse them when Daniel finally recover his human form. Circe noticed Tim and trapped him before leave the girls.

Circe operated Tim to learn if he could really became Sir Timothy in the future, searching on his heart for a beast, and discovered that he was the most human person that she has saw until that moment, and feel shamed of her actions, as she was the beast. She gave Tim his human shape after that, and Tim asked her to help him avoid the future. She accepted, and made a tattoo on the boy that would stop him from damaging others.[2]

Some time later she found Reverend Slaggingham's Head still active on the roofs of London, and told her that God told him that she was going to help him stop armageddon. She was not really interested, but played along. Later she saw real proof of what Slaggingham was preaching was true, and helped Tim stop the war between angels and fallen angels that was destroying London, specially because at the time the mage had renounced to his magic, so only she could give him and edge in case of danger. At the end they ordered Awn the Blink to create a machine that could stop the war, and learned was instigated by Spinning Jemmy from the Laughing Brigade of Chaos who only wanted to eat ice cream.[3]



  • Artistry: As a tattooist, she has a great deal of creativity to achieve the desired magical results with her traditional art.



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