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The Circus of Strange is a group of costumed criminals that celebrate their abnormalities.


Bringing their crime spree to the dangerous Gotham City, the Circus of Strange constantly find themselves enemies of Batman and Robin.


Well within an abandoned circus court lies a dark and horrible torture room. A make-shift hospital run by Professor Pyg, the Circus is not only a physical hideout and operation room to create Pyg Dolls but is the living space of various evil, demented persons.

Batman and Robin

They were the target of Batman and Robin for countless nights as Professor Pyg unleashed his horrible creations on the city including inadvertently creating the disfigured vigilante Sasha. They were temporarily put out of business by Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin (Damian Wayne) and send to Arkham Asylum.


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The New 52
The DC Universe heavily changed its continuity into the DCnU following the events of Flashpoint in 2011. This was part of an effort to make storylines more accessible to newer readers, beginning with the New 52. This new timeline combines elements from the DCU, Vertigo Universe and Wildstorm Universe while drastically changing the origins and histories of characters.

The Circus has recently broken out of their prison along with various other inmates while Batman (Bruce Wayne) was distracted by a White Rabbit.


Equipment: Medical Equipment

Weapons: Various Bladed Weapons


  • "Le Cirque D'etrange" is a failed attempt to translate "The Circus of Strange" in french as the correct translation would be "Le Cirque de l'Étrange"

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