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 Members of the Citadel are not a true race in the strictest sense, but rather they are clones of the Citadel progenitor, a half-Okaaran/half-Branx being known only as the Complex-Complex.


The first Citadelian was a brutish figure who served as the embodiment of human aggression. However, as a half-breed entity, the being was sterile and could not reproduce naturally. Instead, he developed cloning technology and begat a race of physically identical creatures which became known as the Citadelians.

Unlike their progenitor however, the Citadelians had limited intelligence and imagination and relied upon the progenitor for prosperity. They established themselves on one of the barren worlds closest to the star of Vega and this became known as the Citadel Homeworld. A fortress ring was created, which surrounded the planet and was comprised of shattered remnants of what was once that world's moon. Weapons stations were erected on these planetoids and served as the complete defensive grid for the planet. As the progenitor aged, he interfaced his body permanently with computerized nerve center of the planet and became known as the Complex-Complex. From here, he was able to guide his mentally stunted offspring and use them as living vehicles of his unending aggression. As the Citadelian race grew in size and strength, the Complex-Complex developed them into a powerful conquering empire. Over the span of centuries, they began to take over each world within the Vega star system, beginning with Okaara.

Powers and Abilities


Citadelians possess limited intelligence due to a genetic defect that harkens back to their original creation.


Level of Technology:

Advanced: While the Citadel race as a whole is incapable of developing advanced technology on their own, they would often appropriate the technological advances acquired from conquered worlds. The Complex-Complex was also responsible for providing the Citadel with the means to scientifically reproduce themselves.


His true name is lost to the pages of history. This being was the child of the Okaaran X'Hal and a Branx Warrior. He cloned himself and created the Citadel species. When this being's body began to fail him due to advanced age, he permanently merged his essence with the Citadel Homeworld's computer systems. At the height of the Citadel War, the revolutionaries known as the Omega Men and hundreds of loyalists raided the Citadel Homeworld. Interim team leader Tigorr located the nerve center housing the Complex-Complex's consciousness and detonated a bomb destroying it.

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