According to Abra Kadabra, he was the one who trapped Wally West in the Speed Force. Inadvertently, he was also trapped himself, losing his magic and forgetting his true identity, as he lived on Prime Earth in the body of an unlucky magician "Mr. Hocus Pocus". After Wally West's rebirth has returned forgotten memories to Barry Allen and the Titans, Hocus Pocus also experienced a surge of memories, and was able to restore his true form as Citizen Abra. Obsessed with Wally West, he hunted him down and tried to inflict misery on West and the Titans, creating marionette versions of their younger selves to do his bidding. [1][2][3] The marionettes then defeated the Titans and kidnapped Linda Park, as Kadabra used his techno-magic to spread his victims all around the United States of America, forcing West to increase his speed to lethal levels if he wanted to save them all, knowing that without a lightning rod to ground him, West would be trapped in the Speed Force forever. Wally, using his friends as lightning rods, was able to escape from the Speed Force where he defeated and banished Kadabra into the time stream to the 64th century. [3][4][5]



  • Abra Kadabra's M-Metal Wand lost a great deal of its power when banishing Flash into the Speed Force.


  • Abra Kadabra is aware of Dr. Manhattan's existence and manipulation of reality. [2][6][5]
  • Abra Kadabra is destined to be "destroyed" by Wally West that he will stop him "for good" by beating him "so comprehensively."[3]



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