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Abra Kadabra is a criminal from the 64th Century who uses futuristic technology to commit crimes in the present and pretends it's magic.


Having come to the present from the 64th Century, Citizen Abra opposed the original Teen Titans as "Abra Kadabra". In one of their fights, Abra trapped Wally West - working as the hero Kid Flash - within the Speed Force and caused the world to forget about him. Inadvertently, this trick also caused him to lose his magic and forget his own identity, as he lived for years in the body of an unlucky magician "Mr. Hocus Pocus".

Though Wally West was supposed to escape from the Speed Force and continue his life, 10 years were taken from the timeline by Dr. Manhattan, leaving Wally trapped there outside of time and Abra never getting the chance to regain his memories.


Wally West eventually did escape the Speed Force in a rebirth of sorts and began undoing the damage that Abra Kadabra had done by recharging his allies' memories of him. With the trick broken, "Mr. Hocus Pocus" experienced a surge of memories of his own and remembered his past life as Abra Kadabara.

Obsessed with Wally West, he hunted him down and tried to inflict misery on West and the Titans, creating marionette versions of their younger selves to do his bidding. [1][2][3]

The marionettes successfully defeated the Titans and kidnapped Linda Park, as Kadabra used his techno-magic to spread his victims all around the United States of America. West was forced to increase his speed to lethal levels if he wanted to save them all, with Kadabra hoping to trap him within the Speed Force again. Wally, using his friends as lightning rods, was able to escape from the Speed Force for a second time and defeated Abra Kadabra, banishing him into the time stream, back to the 64th century. [3][4][5]

Legion of Zoom

Abra Kadabra eventually returned to the 21st Century and was invited to join the Legion of Zoom, a group organized by the Reverse-Flash to finally defeat the Flash. [6]



  • Power Instability: Certain "spells" that Abra Kadabra can cast can have unintended consequences, like sending Wally West into the Speed Force caused him to lose his own powers.


  • Abra Kadabra is aware of Dr. Manhattan's existence and manipulation of reality. [2][7][5]
  • Abra Kadabra is destined to be "destroyed" by Wally West that he will stop him "for good" by beating him "so comprehensively."[3]



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