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Quote1 All of which is to say, hi, I'm Gotham Girl. Like Robin, but better. And you should...stop. Cool? Quote2
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Gotham Girl, real name Claire Clover, is a metahuman crimefighter operating in Gotham City and the former partner of Gotham.


Claire and her brother bought the ability to use superpowers by trading in years of her life. With these powers, they could live two years at Superman's level, or hours as a god. If she wouldn't use her powers, it wouldn't affect her lifespan.

Gotham Girl: Year One

Gotham and Gotham Girl made their first public appearance helping Batman save a commercial plane from a Kobra Cult terrorist attack.[1] Being young and inexperienced, Batman decided to take them under his wing to make them better heroes.[2] Due to the Psycho Pirate's manipulation, Gotham was driven mad and used up all of his life force to single handedly defeat the Justice League.

Following Hank's death, Claire had difficulty coping. She shaved her head and talked to her dead brother. Batman comforted her, showing her his secret identity and explained his own troubles to her. He too would sometimes talk to a dead relative, his mother.

During a hurricane and onslaught of mutated human monsters, Blackgate Penitentiary was attacked. Gotham Girl accompanied Nightwing, but they were both exposed to a substance one of the creatures spewed at them. As a result, they were both transformed into similar monsters. Duke injected Gotham Girl with a cure and she, in turn, injected Nightwing. Batman and his affiliates took down the culprit - Hugo Strange.

Breaking the Bat

Following the falling apart of Bruce Wayne's wedding, Gotham Girl was among many individuals who was revealed to have been secretly working with Bane to break Batman completely on a psychological level.[3]



  • Power Limitation (Formerly): Each use of Gotham Girl's metahuman powers shaves time off her lifespan. To elevate the potency of her abilities, Gotham Girl has to expend a greater amount of her life, hastening her death.[4] Batman later cured her condition by exposing her to Platinum Kryptonite.[6]

Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Claire walks a fine line between good and evil, and is haunted by her brother's death. She can be easily angered, is friends with a severed statue head and would resort to murder without getting all the facts; making her psychological unstable. [7][8][9]



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