Claire Montgomery was the manager of the corporate super-team the Conglomerate.

Claire Montgomery was a rising star in the business industry, as well as one of several women formerly married to tycoon Maxwell Lord IV. Claire Montgomery created her own corporate sponsored super-hero team called the Conglomerate. Her responsibility to the team was to insure by maintaining strong profit margins for their investors such as Ferris Aircraft and Stagg Industries. In order to bolster the Conglomerate's visibility however, Claire was forced to stage several false emergencies, not unlike her ex-husband Maxwell Lord did when forming the new Justice League. The Conglomerate's credibility suffered when reporters began accusing them of falsifying acts of villainy in order to publicly display their heroic prowess. Claire allowed the Conglomerate to achieve true virtue when she "allowed" them to engage in combat against Amazo in Central Park.


  • Business Management: Claire Montgomery excelled in the field of business commerce and public relations. She was provincial in convincing the media of the Conglomerate's validity.



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