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Clara Steele is the sweet but cautious daughter of Cliff Steele. She was raised by Cliff's archenemy Bump Weathers when Cliff seemingly died along with her mother Kate in a car accident. When she learned her father was alive, the two began a complicated but wholesome relationship, attempting to make up for time lost with each other

Early life

Clara was born to the famous racing driver, Cliff Steele, and his wife, Kate. On a daily basis, Clara stayed in her father's car while he had sex with other women.[1][2]

Clara encouraged her father during their careers until Clara and her family had an accident, which caused Clara to be orphaned and adopted by her father's ex-best friend, Bump Weathers. Clara was happy being raised by Bump.[1][3][4]

Losing Bump

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  • Clara Steele is portrayed as an adult by Bethany Anne Lind and as a young girl by Sydney Kowalske.