C.C. Batson was the father of Billy Batson, the hero known as Captain Marvel.

Clarence Charles Batson was an archaelogist and the husband of Marilyn Batson. The Batsons were working on a dig in Egypt on behalf of industrialist Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. Sivana's enforcer, Theo Adam, accompanied the Batsons on the dig, but when Theo was taken over by the spirit of the ancient warrior Black Adam, he betrayed the Batsons and murdered them.[1]

During the battle for the Rock of Eternity between the Justice Society of America together with Billy Batson against Black Adam and Isis, Isis threw Billy Batson into the mist surrounding the Rock of Eternity. The mist is a pattern in the nexus where only the wisdom of Solomon or Zehuti could decipher. Isis intends to have Billy trapped inside the mist but the Flash was able to catch Billy and threw his back to the Rock but inadvertently trapped himself. Inside the mist, the Flash was helped by C.C. Batson who brought the Flash to the Rock of Finality. Flash is one of the people who could enter it because he possesses all the virtues of man: Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Providence and Temperance. Inside, the Flash and C.C. Batson brought the statue of the Wizard in the middle of the battle. Black Adam, seeing that his powers have corrupted the person of Isis into something evil, Adam freed the Wizard from his statue prison by saying the Wizard's name. Once free, the Wizard then changed Mary Marvel and Billy Batson (who are then changed into members of the Black Adam Family) back into their de-powered form, as well as Isis. Now human, Isis wants to go back to Teth-Adam only to be transformed by the Wizard into statues.


As a spirit, he is able to navigate through the mist surrounding the Rock of Eternity.


  • Archaeology: C.C. Batson was an expert in the field of archaeology, specializing in Egyptian culture.
  • He also has intimate knowledge of the Rock of Eternity and Rock of Finality.



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