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Clarence Foley was a member of the Gotham City Police Department active during No Man's Land.

Foley was trapped in Gotham City on Black Monday when Gotham was declared No Man's Land by the United States Government; and thus he remained as an enforcer of the law with the rest of the officers that decided to stay.[1]

In the first days of No Man's Land, Foley worked along with the rest of the GCPD but as days passed, it became clear that Foley didn't approve of Gordon's methods and supported Pettit's opposing ideas. Months later, the CGPD forces disbanded and separated into two factions: the Blue Boys under Jim Gordon's command and the Strong Men under Bill Pettit's command. Foley joined the Strong Men along with Hendricks.[2]

The night of December 24th, days before the No Man's Land edict was lifted from Gotham, Joker attacked Pettit and his men. Joker kidnapped some people of the Strong Men and disguised them as himself with the purpose of tricking Pettit into killing them, making him believe that they were the Joker. Over the course of the No Man's Land, Pettit lost his sanity and during Joker's siege, he killed many of his comrades.

Foley and Huntress realized that they needed help against Joker and Foley decided to seek backup in the GCPD. Pettit noticed Foley's attempt and, in his deranged state, Pettit shot Foley in the head, killing him instantly for disobeying his orders of not leaving the place.[3]




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