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Clark "Killer" Kent was a dangerous criminal and enemy of Superman.

Clark Kent was born to Jonathan and Martha Kent, notorious bank robbers who wanted him to grow up the greatest criminal in history. The Kents paid a criminal scientist named Doctor Markem thousands of dollars to implant a Chromo-Stimulant at the base of Clark's brain, ensuring Clark would inherit both their criminal tendencies.

While stealing the final $25,000 dollar payment, the Kents were killed when a crashing rocket carrying Jor-El and Lex-El, the future Superman, caused them to swerve into a tree. Dr Markem, who had already implanted the stimulant into Clark's brain, decided to leave him outside the Smallville orphanage and track him down when the boy grew into a criminal mastermind in the hopes that Clark would pay his parents' debts some day.

Clark was adopted by the Lang family and grew up in Smallville ignorant of his true parentage. He idolised Superboy, unaware that Superboy was his best friend Lex Luthor. As a teenager, Clark Lang saved Superboy from an assassin armed with a Kryptonian metal bullet, becoming a local celebrity.

Superboy took Clark on a trip to the Rocky Mountains, planning to reveal his identity to him there. However, just as Superboy was about to revel his identity, Clark's implant activated, paralysing him and causing him to fall off the mountain. Lex flew him back to Smallville, hoping that his father could help. When Lex arrived, he found the town being destroyed by a Matter Vacuum, and placed Clark in his father's office while he went off to destroy the machine.

When Jor-El found Clark in his home he attempted to throw the boy out, but Clark, newly violent due to the effects of the implant, attacked and killed him. Clark then robbed the house and fled, planning to go on a crime spree. Clark made his way to Metropolis, where he robbed a gas station. While attempting to escape the police, he tripped and hit his head and as a result spent the next ten years in hospital in a coma, where volunteer nurse Lois Lane fell in love with him due to a chance resonance between her brainwaves and the Chromo-Stimulant.

Dr Markem finally managed to track Clark down and teleported them to his hideout, where he revived Clark and reversed the effects of muscle atrophy. Markem informed Clark that he was in fact the son of the notorious Kents, much to Clark's joy, then died of a heart attack.

After disposing of Markem's body, Clark explored his new hideout, discovering the Underworld Teletype, which informed him of the existence of Grandovic, a Tibetan mystic who would provide any information to criminals for a hefty price. In order to obtain the money to pay Grandovic, Clark used Markem's Matter Digestor to rob Metrpolois National Bank.


Other Characteristics


  • Underworld Teletype: A device developed by Dr Markem resembling a stock ticker which collects information from criminal gangs all over the world, allowing Kent to learn about secrets of the underworld like the Grandovic.
  • Monitor Screen: A camoflagued screen embedded in the side of Mammoth Mountain just outside Metropolis, it shows a live feed of Lois Lane's home. It also transmits back to Kent's hideout, allowing him to view the mountain in real time.
  • 3-D Projected Image: A hologram communicator which can transmit an image across miles.


  • Scoop-Craft: A jet-propelled aerial vehicle developed by Doctor Markem, it includes a huge scoop to carry many bags of money. It is capable of interfacing with and controlling the Matter Digestor.
  • "Crime Machine": A subterranean vehicle including a large drill.
  • Sonic Tractor: A land vehicle which can emit Sonic-Bombs in all directions.


  • Tommy Gun
  • Matter Digestor: Developed by Doctor Markem, the Matter Digestor is a large and powerful energy beam mounted on tank treads which can eat through steel. It also contains a remote-detonated cobalt bomb.
  • Poison Gas Cartidge: A small, remote controlled canister of poison gas embedded in the Warsaw Diamond.
  • Killer Robot: A strong robot which is capable of generating significant amounts of heat sufficient to burn clothing. It also contains a tape recorder.
  • Lethal Brush: A brush that, when used, coats the users scalp in a deadly chemical which allows Clark to stun or kill them via remote control.
  • Sonic-Bombs: Powerful sound waves that can level buildings.
  • Equalizer: A handheld energy weapon that can remove a Kryptonian's powers and transfer them to a nearby object. Whoever touches the object would gain the transferred powers.