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Clark Kent was one of the creators of Superdoom.

Clark Kent was a genius who during his travels was inspired to change his world for the better. He returned to his home with knowledge of the Tulpa - the concept of creating a living thought with its own independent existence. Along with his friends Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, Clark constructed a device that could make their thoughts into realities. The three then decided to use the machine to imagine a messiah, powered by thought, and capable of saving the world. They named this creation Superman. Clark and his friends approach Overcorp for funds to fully create the Superman. However, Overcorp created Superman in their own twisted image known as Superdoom, whom they used to rule the world.

Clark later discovered that his device was capable of transportation between alternate universes in which he, Lois, and Jimmy used it to flee from their reality while being chased by their killer creation. The trio traveled through parallel worlds such as Earth-36 and Earth-42 until Superdoom caught up to them and severely wounded Clark and killed Jimmy on Earth-23. After Earth-23's Superman dealt with Superdoom by stranding him between universes, Clark was being medically treated with the Lazarus Revival.[1]