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| Powers =
| Powers =
*{{Unique Physiology}}: Unknown radiation from meteor strikes near his favorite campsite altered Clark's physiology, giving him superhuman powers.
*{{Unique Physiology}}: Clark's physiology was altered by an unknown form of radiation from a meteor, giving him superhuman powers identical to Superman's.
**{{Superhuman Speed}}
**{{Superhuman Speed}}
**{{Superhuman Durability}}
**{{Superhuman Durability}}

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Quote1 And that's the thing about sunsets. They're majestic, stately, lovely and inevitable. And then, a little ways to the east, it all starts all over again. Quote2
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Born in a small town in Kansas, Clark Kent was exposed to unknown radiation from a meteor strike that gave all the powers of the comic book superhero, Superman.


  • Clark Kent was born in the year 1975.



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