Clark Peter Ross is the young son of Pete Ross and his former wife Lana Lang.

He was named after Martha Clark Kent. Since Martha as always been a mother figure to Lana, she wanted to honor Martha and thought it would be the least she could do. Almost immediately after his birth, little Clark was kidnapped by Brainiac, who then was using Doomsday as a host body. Intent on stealing the child, Brainiac/Doomsday attacked Superman, who was taking the premature baby to a more advanced medical facility in Metropolis, at the request of Lana. Superman tried to protect the child, but he got knocked out during the battle. Brainiac/Doomsday then took the baby to his lair, intending to use the baby to grow a new body for himself (as Doomsday's body was beginning to reject his mind).

Superman managed to defeat the villain and rescue the baby, discovering that as part of the process preparing him for Brainiac's experiments, he had been aged to term. Returning the child to his parents, Lana insisted on naming the baby Clark Peter Ross. Clark currently lives with his father who returned to his home town of Smallville following his short-lived term as President of the United States and while his mother Lana may live in Metropolis, he still has regular contact with her by telephone and personal visits.



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