Doc Savage is an adventurer.

After years of training, Doc Savage emerged to the world at large as a force for good. He served in the war, and met a band of friends there.

Although he is one of the world's finest detectives, has a mean right hook and is an adventurer of the first rank, Doc is also a scientist. He regularly spends long periods in his lab, the "Fortress of Solitude", working on some breakthrough.

Doc was recently dealt a blow when his father, Clark Savage Sr, died in mysterious circumstances. He was working on space travel during his prolonged stay in his son's Fortress of Solitude. Although saddened, Doc's first step was to exhume his father's body so that he could examine it. He discovered, however, that the body was missing, replaced by sandbags marked with a bloody right handprint... sandbags filled with gold.

  • Doc Savage is a licensed character who is not owned by DC Comics. Nevertheless, his 2010-2012 comic book stories were explicitly placed in DC's First Wave continuity, so this version of Doc Savage is included in the DC Comics Database.



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