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Clark Wayne was born the son of Joel Perry Kent, the son of Kal-El/Clark Kent (Superman) who was born without any powers due to his prenatal exposure to Gold Kryptonite, and his wife Mei-Lai Kent.

Like his father before him, Clark was born without any powers. Upon his discovery by his grandfather Kal-El and by Bruce Wayne Jr., who both suffered losses of their loved ones and family on the same day, Clark was adopted as a member of the Wayne family, raised by Bruce Jr. and taught how to fight crime as his partner Robin. In 1997 Clark adopted the identity of Knight-Wing instead of Batman as his adoptive father wanted him to become, due to his belief that only a full-blooded Wayne could ever take on the mantle of Batman. In his first mission as Knight-Wing, Clark took down the Ransak mechanoid which was being operated by Douglas Mason's daughter Amanda, who during the battle was distracted by Superman briefly materializing before her from the Phantom Zone. In 1999 he met both Bruce Wayne Sr., the original Batman whom Clark assumed was his grandfather, and Clark Kent, who was recently released from the Phantom Zone and was Clark's actual grandfather. Clark was surprised to hear Superman tell him he would make "a fine heir to the House of El", but nonetheless helped him and Batman uncover the secret in the Ultra-Humanite's metallic fortress: a vial of liquid that was able to restore Superman's Kryptonian powers without any side effects. When Superman's powers were restored, he was able to mix the same formula so Clark would also be to have the same powers that his grandfather has, though on a limited scale due to his hybird parenting. Sometime later, Clark was seen getting used to his newfound abilities as he joined Bruce Wayne in seeing his grandfather travel off into the stars where he felt he was called to go. In 2008, Clark married his girlfriend Amanda Mason and had two children through her, Lois and Lara, named for his paternal grandmother and great-grandmother. Despite his misgivings, Clark was pressured into assuming the identity of "Superman" in the year 2125 after his grandfather had been missing for over a century.





Used the Batmobile and a winged single-seated aircraft in his non-powered state.

  • This version of Knight-Wing is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.



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